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Arizona Captive Pack in Urgent Need of Assistance

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An Arizona purebred wolf pack of 14 has lived most of their entire lives in a 24'x12' pen - barely two feet per animal. NAWA has taken legal custody of the pack, but urgently needs financial help to complete the rescue.
Most of these wolves have never even run in their entire lives. Their caretaker, having run out of funds, has recognized that he is no longer able to care for them, especially since the facility has no plumbing, running water, sewage, electricity - nothing. He has been hauling water to them from a church several miles away - his vehicle is on its last legs and he can no longer do so. To make the situation even more critical, the alpha female, mother of the current pack, is pregnant again.

NAWA has taken legal custody of the pack and wants to move them after the birth to avoid further traumatization. However, they need funds for transportation, darting, and fencing for the future enclosure.

This is the largest captive wolf pack in the world. Without NAWA's immediate and timely intervention, they may not survive.

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The Alpha female just gave birth to a litter of pups. Anything you can offer will help, and I mean ANYTHING!

Any prayers you can offer for the wolves and those of us who are going to be VERY busy this weekend will be appreciated. I have NO idea how we are going to build such a large enclosure with no materials, power, gear, anything.

Reality is not only stranger than we think, it's stranger than we CAN think!

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I will see what I can do after the profits from ConFurence - right now I'm practically broke. Heck, I should donate, I'm the one who sent the story. :)

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Okay, so, the situation is more dire than _I_ thought!

I arrived decked out and geared up to build a very big cage; 1 whole acre. Instead, I spent the day constructing perimeter fencing around the pens. This is because some twink in the county decided that the firemen who delivered our water were in grave danger from the "dangerous animals" and stripped us of our only source of water. We are making numerous trips in trucks now to collect enough water for the wolves. Funny, it hasn't been a problem or danger for the past 5 years.

I've got a plan for a well system that will pump 800+ gallons of water on 1 gallon of gas (Thanks for the help, Jacques!) but it still needs a well dug. That's 4K. *sigh* We may be converting an old pickup into a tanker instead, even though water weighs 8.34 lbs per gallon. I imagine 100 gallon tanks will be max.

But we got some fences and postholes dug. I'm very sore, tired, and PO'd at weasly county commisioners who have to throw their weight around to prove to the world that they still have a pair. But Anasazi, who was vicious to me just a week ago, nuzzled me very sweetly today. Little things do keep the spirit alive.

Reality is not only stranger than we think, it's stranger than we CAN think!

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