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I'm experimenting with a new logo variant, and driving the artist nuts by being overly particular. Comments on whatever iteration is currently up are welcome. Also, I'm contemplating updating the PostNuke code to the current version, which is .713. We're currently running .703, and there are some minor but useful feature changes/additions, as well as a bunch of security patches in the new code. This may occur over the weekend; there will be minimal or no downtime involved.

Also, let me make note of the Reviews section. The old reviews page was evidently lost in the migration from PHPNuke to PostNuke, something I only recently noticed. I may have a backup; I'll be going spelunking in the pre-upgrade .tar file I have this weekend. Until I do, the reviews section is woefully underpopulated with something today!

Comments and suggestions on the site are always welcome. Here's your opportunity to sound off.


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It may be that a lot of people got used to seeing reviews and longer articles and commentaries in Fuzzy Logic back when it was being produced, and never really adjusted to the transition from Cornwuff/Fuzzy Logic to Flayrah. I assume the idea was that on Flayrah these reviews and longer articles could be posted as soon as they were received and went through the editorial review process instead of having to wait months to appear in the next Fuzzy Logic. (I can think of at least one review I had been looking forward to reading that had purportedly been submitted and slated to appear in the next Fuzzy Logic (it was for "Redeeming Factors" by James R. Lane). I've still never seen the review.)

Aside from Fuzzy Logic, Flayrah has done everything much better that the old Cornwuff website did, with more options and more features. But when it comes to reviews and the more in-depth articles that appeared in Fuzzy Logic, Flayrah hasn't done so well (and again this may be due not so much to any fault on the part of Flayrah as to a lack of communication and/or failure of would-be authors to adjust). I've even seen a couple of websites with links to Fuzzy Logic that, as they put it, mourn the demise of this excellent e-zine. So I guess the question becomes, how can Flayrah better fill the shoes of Fuzzy Logic? I'll leave it to Aureth to remark on whether reviving Fuzzy Logic is an option, but Flayrah has some features we never had on Fuzzy Logic that would be nice to have, such as the ability to post comments on the reviews and articles (for that matter, does that capability exist even now in Flayrah's reviews section?).


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Flayrah was intented to be Fuzzy Logic plus, but it never quite evolved that way. Part of it is due to the fact that I'm a lot busier than I was when I was putting together Fuzzy Logic, part of it is that it always was very difficult to get people to write long articles. Certainly, I'd like to see longer pieces here on Flayrah; we have the capability to publish and archive them, as well as a good interface for readers to respond to the articles. We just don't seem to get any long pieces, and the few that do come in are often sub-par.

You can leave comments in the reviews section as it is, now, as well as the ability to rate the item in question yourself. It's just not a section that has been promoted much. I should have some reviews from the old Flayrah site that I can port over, and if I could get a regular review columnist or two, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I would like to see more thoughtful non-fiction about furry fandom and related subjects on Flayrah, myself. Time to start looking, I suppose.

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Right now, message scores aren't doing a whole lot.

While there admittedly isn't a whole lot of use for them with this little traffic, it might still be worthwhile to boost the moderation rate so we can have more pretty buttons to click };>.

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I actually haven't been able to get them to do anything...I think it's a half-completed feature. ;P

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I would like to be able to see replies to Comments on the site. Any comment to a comment is invisible to me unless I View the page source. I run Netscape 4.75

Reality is not only stranger than we think, it's stranger than we CAN think!

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Netscape 4.75 bungles CSS (Cascading Style Sheets, the system that contributes a great deal to Flayrah's design). Not just a little, but a lot. If at all possible, upgrade your browser (You didn't mention what platform you're on, but if it's Windows I'd strongly suggest Opera) and try again.

My Netscape browser on my Sun system has the same problem.


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I generally like that font that you're using, "Tahoma" or whatever it's called, but for some reason I think it looks out of place on this site where all the rest of the type is sans-serif. Also, there is for some reason a little white stripe down the side of the top picture, and I can't tell if it was done on purpose or not. Thanks for such a nice site.

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I've been trying to fix the white stripe for the past two days...the html is not rendering like I think it should be rendering.

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