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Digging up Positivity - Furry charity and good news - August 2020

Edited by Sonious
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Hello there and welcome to August’s episode of Digging Up Positivity. This month we will cover a lot of charity events, some animation, and our featurette is a kind fox from the Netherlands who is often working for charities like ExtraLife! And last but not least, we also have a little give-away, curtesy of Dustin, the creator of the retro-game Nix: The Paradox Relic.

Eurofurence Online

This year, Eurofurence, the biggest furry convention in Europe, had to follow the worldwide trend and went online. And boy, HOW they went online. 3 days filled with many events covered on Twitch, Discord, and VRChat. The last one really impressed many. The skilled team managed to recreate the Estrel Hotel almost picture perfect in the virtual world. There were guest panels, DJs, and interviews with the charity. A special concert from Foxes and Peppers including special videoclips edited by yours truly. And in total, €5,000 were raised for this years charity: The Cheetah Preservation Foundation.


On a regular basis, gamers unite for Extra Life, a big charity that raises money for the sick and injured children amongst us. Of course our community is there with Furs4Life, and so far they have raised $4,654 for this wonderful cause. A member of this group is Leon the Fox, who is our featurette of this month! So stay with us till the end, or click on the timestamp below for the interview!

The Furry Fund: Heartland Animal Shelter

Meanwhile the Furry Fund is raising money for Heartland Animal Shelter, a no-kill animal shelter in the US of A. At the time of recording this video, they have managed to raise $1,606 US dollars for this wonderful cause.

A.W.O.O. Association

This weekend the AWOO association is going to have a charity auction online. They will be live-streaming through Twitch, you can find the link below. The auction itself will be held through, and all proceedings will go to the Safari Sanctuary, a forever home for discarded exotic animals located in the American state of Oklahoma.

Otters vs Snow Mountain

Animals in captivity need to have something to do. This is why you often see zoo’s organizing various activities for their animals, called enrichments. We have seen meerkats painting and otters at the local zoo working their way through giant lollipops with food inside. But the Spanish Loro Parque decided to surprise their otters with a snowy mountain. And from the looks of it, they loved it!


It is fun to make a videoclip in your fursuit, and throughout time some really amazing ones have been released. Well, Wolvinny from the Netherlands together with Djem from France, decided to give a little twist on it and make a video-clip with an entire laser-show. And the result really is something! Check it out.

Big Bois Meme

For a while this meme has been around, and one might say it is vintage by now. But the big bois meme still is going on strong. GlowingLeem on twitter decided to make a little awesome animation with doggo’s about it. And it looks awesome and so adorable!

Hazbin Hotel

We have covered Hazbin Hotel before. Their pilot was very well received, and we are proud to announce they have finally found a distributor! A24films took them in, and now a premiere on TV or one of the streaming networks is closer than ever!

Madagascar: A little wild

It has been a while since it was all hip to have a babyfied versions of your favourite shows. While sometimes good, it often was a mixed bag. But DreamWorks decided to open the closet and dig up the concept of Madagascar once more.

The spin-off series from these movies were actually quite funny to watch, so I am curious to see what will
become of this, especially since the trailer suggests they were having adventures before the movies happened. And in the first movie they said it was their first time out. Hmm, I wounder how they're going to fix that one?


The retro community is still going strong, and evidence of that is the game NIX, but I am getting ahead of myself, Score, you take the helm for this one!

Hello ScoreChaser here with another segment of furry gaming news. Last last month Dustin Huddleston released a brand new game for the NES title Nix: the Paradox Relic. A furry call back to games like the classic Metroid. Nix is a very competent and challenging 2D Platformer about an intergalactic bounty hunter named Nix. Her current assignment brings her to an abandoned research facility built deep within an asteroid to hunt down vicious pirates bent on uncovering the secret relics held within the facility.

Nix was built from the ground up using a computer program called NESMaker, which allows users to create their very own NES games. Dustin spent the last two years working on this passion project, and I would say as a retro enthusiast he hit the nail on the head with Nix.

Nix is currently available for sale and can be played on an NES via everdrive cartridge (Editor's Note: Website says these will be available in the future) emulator or on your PC via a compatible NES Emulator. The is also a demo, links will be in the description below.

To celebrate the release of Nix: The Paradox Relic, Dustin was kind enough to provide us a free key to his game to give to our lucky viewers. To enter comment your favorite NES game and a winner will be chosen and announced on my Twitter @SkunkWantsATaco and Tabbo's twitter @TabboMeerkat on Friday, September 14th, so be sure to comment [in the Youtube Video's comment] for your chance to enter.

If you're interested in seeing the game in action I recently completed the game on our sister channel TeamMeerkatGaming.

[Interview w Leon not transcribed]


Thank you so much for sticking with us till the end. Which brings me to these special people, the supporters of this channel: Ishnula, Els Deckers, Taross, Kitako, Falconeo, Hanzana, Cosmik with a K, and Score Chaser. We will return on September 26th.

And until then: Stay awesome, stay safe, and all the hugs!


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