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CACE Progress Reports Now Online

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Progress reports for CACE (The Canadian Anthro & Cartooning Expo) are now on line.

By checking our announcements page you'll be able to see all of the latest news about programming, events, art show deadlines,
and other important information.

The main page for the convention is located at, where you can find out about an early bird draw for those who register by May 10.

CACE takes place from August 16 to 18 in Ottawa, Canada, and focuses on the art and writing aspect of anthro/furry fandom, as well as on cartoon art in general. Thanks for your interest!


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Our security officer used to be Anthrocon's security officer. He wrote both documents, and I'm sure that he probably used some of the same wordings. I'll ask him about it, and he can respond if he'd like to.

In general, the policies of most conventions look very similar because they all have to cover the same issues. There are only so many ways you can say that there can't be any weapons at a con.

The copyright notice is just the standard footer that appears at the bottom of every page. Don't read too much into it.

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Sorry, that last comment above was from me, Jeff Novotny. I forgot to sign in.

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Yes, it's almost word for word the Anthrocon Policy. Why? Because the folks running CACE have written the Anthrocon policy in the first place.

Wolfkid, Tackybear and myself ran Anthrocon Security since AC2, and we were responsible for that policy. I started at AAC1, then ran Security at AAC2, co-ran it at AC3, then Tackybear took over for the last 2 years until now. We wrote it, we then adapted for Canadian laws.

In a nutshell, since Randal and I wrote a big chunk of AC's policy, we have the right to use our ideas again. If we'd copied the work of someone else it could be seen as plagiarism OR more likely a compliment to the original organisers. We did consult and ask opinions of other Anthrocon Staff. I know for a fact that Kage would pipe-up if he was upset.

A good idea remains a good idea. Please check the names of the folks responsible in the Anthrocon archives, you'll see me there among others.

Marc Lacouricere, aka Greylocks.

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The policies were written by myself as a rework to Anthrocon's old policies which I wrote while working there as Director of Security Operations for 2000 & 2001, therefore, as it's author, I own them. You will find a lot of similarities in wording, language, and content since the author of both are the same. The content is now industry standard. You will also notice that the vagueties left in the Anthrocon policies have been carefully written out. I am pleased to see that people are reading these policy pages, and am certainly glad that you are, obviously, fully aware of them. If there are any other problems with our policies, please do not hesitate to contact me at Looking forward to meeting you all at CACE in August. Sincerely, Randall "~TaCkYbEaR~" Brule - Director of Security Operations Anthrocon 2000/2001 - CACE 2002

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That wasn't really the right answer. Sorry, it's late.

The correct answer is that I'll talk this over with my staff, find out what's going on, and get back to everyone here.

Also, I would appreciate it if anyone has any issues with the convention to please discuss them with me in e-mail first. Thanks!

Jeff Novotny
Chair, CACE

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Erf, now that I proofread this, I managed to miss-spell my own name.

Marc Lacourciere, aka Greylocks

CACE Chief of Operations

What else can I add except that 2 of the directors of CACE were Directors at Anthrocon. Most of our other staff has been to Anthrocon and even acted as volunteers (we love that place). So you'll see several similarities in views, opinions, and sundry ways of doing things. Any questions can be directed to me through the CACE webpage.

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