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From Seagulls to Ferrets

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Richard Bach, author of the 1970 best-selling inspirational fantasy Jonathan Livingston Seagull, has just launched a new series, "The Ferret Chronicles". The first two, Rescue Ferrets at Sea and Air Ferrets Aloft, will be published in June by Simon & Schuster/Scribner; $15.00 and 176 pages each (which implies that they are being written to a formula). has posted them with pictures of their cover art for pre-publication order sales; presumably plot synopses will be added soon. According to a press release, books 3, 4, and 5 are to be published before the end of 2002.


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I read that topic line at first, and I thought it said "Segfaults"! :-)

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Very intriguing! The publisher's web site has excerpts:

Classic Bach themes ("we find our happiness only when we follow what we most love in all the world") and the Sea story works in a Redwall-meets-Horatio-Hornblower sort of way. I suspect Bach is quite aware of the similarities to The Rescuers but he does his own thing with the premise.

For those who haven't read anything of Bach's other than Jonathan Livingston Seagull, he's really much more versatile than that. Ever hear of a soulmate? Bach invented (or at least, popularized) the concept in his book The Bridge Across Forever, which anyone who's interested in romance should read.

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I herd there were Welkin Weasels.

Just saying.

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