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New Furry Serial Novel

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Simba Wiltz has begun serializing his furry novel, Mainframe at this website. The last time I read a serialized work on the web was probably Regan Pylman's Tails of the City, which was actually quite good (Blue Horizon isn't really a serialized novel as much as it is a collection of related short stories). Has anyone had a chance to read the inital chapters of Mainframe?


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

Heh, do not know if this is way too late, but I just thought I would reply to this since I have read Mainframe.

Mainframe is not like the usual furry/anthropomorphic animal writings you see online. Its real furs with real emotions and problems and goals. The action is real, the casualties are real, and your hatred for the enemy (as well as the bond you develop with the main character) are also real.

The characters are fantastic; you really begin to love them all after enough time. Their backgrounds and development both before and during the story are excellent. The plot is deep and the plot is realistic and action packed.

Without giving away any details, I would suggest this one to anyone who wishes to see furry novels in a different perspective.

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