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Lawsuit falls through and ferrets still illegal in NYC

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An attempt to stop the ban on ferrets in NYC by showing that the Board of Health had no reason to ban them fell through in Manhattan Supreme Court when the judge decided that there was "rational factual basis" to declare the animals vicious and unpredictable rabies mongers.
Elsewhere, the suitablity of ferrets as pets is not in question.


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In an area where a judge can take the attitude of animal ignorance and hatred, that is probably not the best place for someone to have ferrets as pets anyways. It's apparent the judge has based his decision upon nothing resembling facts, but instead upon his own viewpoints. Unfortunately, that's the job of a judge. They should be objective, but if they are 100% objective, then they could never actually make a decision.

Good thing the rest of the United States has judges that are more open minded. Just two more states to go and we'll have the entire country overrun with woozles!

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Hi, I come from the Uk -- somepeople over here keep Ferrets as pets, no problem, very cute :) nobody complains, they're fine. And some people even keep rats!!!!


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I misread the title the first time around; "Fursuit falls through and ferrets still illegal in NYC" ... say what?

I guess it could qualify as a freudian slip.

- hetuski

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