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Another Furry Video Essay

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I'm not going to say anything. I'll let you judge for yourself. (Like if that doesn't happen anyways :))

From Aureth: This is a 30 minute BBC documentary on a group of furries in, I believe, the St. Louis area. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I've only heard of this project, and haven't yet watched it. I have more important things to do with my time.


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After seeing that I have to ask myself, "What have I gotten myself into."

The reporter did seem to try to make as balenced a report as the format of the show aloud, but she could not hide how creepy it all felt to her.
She gave me a better understanding of how most of the world may really look at us. Yes I said us, though I may not see myself as as like thoughs interviewed, I stiil think of myself as Furrie.
Furrie is more than costumes and cartoons, I think now more then ever furries are the early adopters of the post human future.
Whare the convergence of advanced medical tec., genetic engeneering, biomechanices, and the wests need for radical individuality will make the idea of who and what is human even stranger.
Oops, sorry about the rant.

Daniel (Bluegreenman) Beasley

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My browser didn't like the file format..... is this available in any other media? Say, quicktime or avi or something?

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In case anyone wants it, I've done a DIVX/AVI conversion of the video. Its on my site at

For what its worth, I thought the show was well done. Furries come across pretty much as we are: friendly, cheerful, eccentric, sometimes a little too touchy-feely for some folks liking (esp the supposedly 'restrained' Brits ;-), sometimes a little kinky seeming or sexually promiscuous. We're just plain 'unusual', really, and undoubtedly not to everyone's liking, but I think the show makes it pretty clear that we're mostly a harmless, cheerful, critter-obsessed ball of furry fun.


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Thanks, I've seen it now.

The good: Interview with Stalking Cat, which I didn't expect, and Tygercowboy, who's definitely one of the furs better suited for media coverage in that he's got it together and is, well, a really great guy. :)

The bad: "Ursus and Wabbit's sex commune." Ow. And the journalist should definitely NOT have been slurped. I could tell she was uncomfortable, I'm sure furs present at the time could have as well. It might have helped a lot if somefur had stood up and said, "hey, don't crowd her, give her space and time, stop with the squicking!" But oh well, what's done is done......

As far as furry media coverage goes, it's one of the better ones.

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What was the name of this show and is there a web site that I can check out the show at? (not the furry show,but just this particular show in general)


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The show is called "Anna In Wonderland" and is shown on the "BBC Choice" channel in the UK. A six part short doco series presented by Anna Nolan, a former "Big Brother" contestant.

I don't think it has a site of its own though.


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