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CACE: One Month Away

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Hi, everyone;

First off, it was very nice to meet so many of you at Anthrocon. I'd also like to thank the Anthrocon staff and volunteers for their professionalism and hospitality.

Seeing as how CACE is the next major event on the convention schedule, I'd like to remind everyone that our pre-registration deadline is next Monday, July 22rd. Registrations must be postmarked by that date to receive our low pre-registration rate of $30 CAN/$20 US.Hotel rooms should also be booked as soon as possible. We still have a dwindling number of rooms available. However, in a couple of days they'll be made available to the general public, so it's best to act fast. Please phone(613)241-1000 and mention the booking code of CEC to receive the convention room rate. Please see for more details.

We also took in more bookings for the dealer's room (art shop) and art show while at AC, so if you are interested, please send in your reservation for this space as soon as possible. We strongly encourage American artists to send in their forms to us by July 31st, in order to make sure that we can send you your customs documents before the convention. These forms will ensure that you don't have problems at the border with any goods you are bringing in.

You can register for either of these areas by downloading the text forms on line at (art show) or (dealer's and artist's room). You can fill in the info and mail them to or send them in to us via regular mail.

Thank you for your interest in CACE. We are currently in the process of doing some big picture planning for our 2003 event, and would welcome your thoughts on what direction you'd like to see CACE move in the future. Feel free to mail your suggestions to or you can respond here in this forum.

Look for fairly constant updates from us over the next four weeks. Talk to you soon!

The CACE Convention Committee


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This is the FIRST year this convention is being held, and you refer to it as a "major event"?

Maybe in a few years, IF your convention grows. But right now, I think that comes off as sounding somewhat arrogant of you...

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OK. Point taken. It's major to me, coz it consumes most of my spare time. :/

However, taking anonymous swipes at someone who is essentially giving their free time and money to organize an event for the fandom comes across as *very* petty.

Jeff Novotny
Chair, CACE

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