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Burned Fur website is no more

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With the apparent disbanding of Burned Fur, the registration of the domain "" was allowed to lapse. The domain was snapped up on August 7th by one of the numerous cybersquatting companies out on the 'net and turned into a site peddling the usual pornography seen in other such cases.

If you've got a link to on your site you probably will want to remove it at this point. Nothing to see here, move along, move along...


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Uuuhh.... does this mean I should remove my "BF response" page?

It's hard to be a radical trouble-mongering hippie if there's no one there to argue against!

Well I guess I'll just have to do something creative with my time. -Dang.-

/heavy sarcasm

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Uuuhh.... does this mean I should remove my "BF response" page?

Swipe the google cached version to provide context, before it disappears (it's still there for now).

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WOw... even the old freebie website on tripod is gone. *happy sigh!*

Grace and Peace - Camstone Fox

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And it is unlamented in the passing.


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What irony that a porn company bought it. I bet whoever is left of their scattered group is just having a fit. ;P

Fana McCloud

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[I bet whoever is left of their scattered group is just having a fit. ;P]

I feel sorry for some of the Burned Furs as not all of them were total jerks -- a few members were actually quite decent people. Some of the group's ideas weren't too terribly off-base, either. The problem lay with some of the "core" membership that later appointed itself sole spokespersons for the rest. Said individual(s) had a major problem with fanatacism. They also failed to understand that trying to convey their point of view in such an "in-your-face" manner made even the most uninterested, mild-mannered fan see red and decide to be "against" Burned Fur and everything it thought it stood for.

This was a case of a well-meaning message getting lost in the noise generated by a few individuals who believed too much of their own hype and spoiled the movement for the rest.

But you're quite right, the irony on this is delicious.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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Quite right, Feren. I know some of the folks who were involved with BF, and none of them fit the 'ban everything right wing stooge' image the BF's managed to saddle themselves with.

I do feel some pity for the decent folks in the group. The rampaging types who led it, on the other hand, deserve to twist on the hook.

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considering what and why they were i find this kind of kharmic irony ...
not that the web needs any more exploitive generic hooman pseudo-erotica either - but ...
sorry if i find a grin or two in this ... ~;)

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