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April 2005

Anthrocon Hotel 96% Full!

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This is not a joke, folks! Direct from Uncle Kage on the Anthrocon Journal:

An April Fool's joke? I wish!

As it stands, there are only 25 rooms available on Friday and Saturday nights. Our block is full on Thursday, but I phoned today and asked if we could have the block increased another 25 rooms to match. That should be taken care of by tonight.

All that is left are rooms with a single king-sized bed, and once they are gone, THERE ARE NO MORE ROOMS IN THE HOTEL TO BE HAD!

Think of it this way: if we were still at the Adams Mark, we would have been sold out three weeks ago.

Yes, we are working on overflow space. I had not thought we would need to use it. We will do our best to keep it close by and affordable.

The Book About Furries, It's Out!

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Its been a long time, but now the first book about to furry fandom is in publication as of Monday April 4th! The book provides a good read for both furries and non-furs as well. The book is not yet available in bookstores, but hopefully will be soon. For information on the book or to order copies, contact

Upcoming Furry Comics for June 2005

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Doodles' comics listing for your viewing pleasure.

Yet more fursuits featured in commercials

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OK, so we've all probably have seen the awesome Dasani commercials, but I found two more commercials for

Anthrocon has an overflow hotel now

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From Kage, on the AnthroCon livejournal

It took some doing, but we found a hotel that is (a) close to the Wyndham, (b) within our price range (after a bit of negotiation), (c) has space available, and (d) is not where the bums sleep.

Those who did not grab a Wyndham room fast enough can now go to the HOTEL WINDSOR just two blocks away. It's a very nice residential hotel, with each room being a fully-furnished suite with kitchenette.

Before you think of holding a party there, though, please be advised that the hotel has a "NO PARTIES" policy, since there are people who live there year-round. That means that when you get together with your friends, the noise must be controlled to avoid any complaints from the neighbors. Sorry, party-cats. We did the best we could without losing any of items A through D above.

More information is at Please note that the hotel's registration system is not yet set up for us. We expect that by the middle of next week (April 15 or so) you should be able to start making reservations.

Please do not call the Wyndham. They may still give you a reservation, but you will be charged the full room rate of $189 and may not have a guaranteed room. If you have already gotten a reservation outside of our block like that, send your name and confirmation number to and I will see what can be done.

Just how secure is your luggage?

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Qantas Airlines were embarrased by one of their baggage handlers on Wednesday morning. Passenger David Cox complained after he saw a baggage handler driven across the Sydney airport tarmac Wednesday wearing the camel suit that had been packed into the baggage he had checked in only minutes earlier. The Herald Sun reports that the handler was later fired.

Since in the post 9/11 world it is required that bags must be unlocked so they can be easily inspected, this clearly illustrates concerns that baggage is now far more open to tampering than before these 'security measures'.

Full stories available from both Reuter's Oddly Enough feed and the Herald Sun News (Australia)

Ursa Major Award Nominations Closing Soon!

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More formally known as the Annual Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Award, the Ursa Major Award is presented annually for excellence in the furry arts. It is intended as Anthropomorphic (a.k.a. Furry) Fandom's equivalent of the Hugo Award® presented by the World Science Fiction Society, mystery fandom's Anthony Award, horror fandom's Bram Stoker Award, and so forth.

Anyone may nominate. Nominations for 2004 works are open until April 15.
For those who wish to participate, an online form is now available at You can also send in nominations by e-mail or postal mail; details are on the same web page.

To jog your memory of what may be worthy of nomination, check out the Recommended Anthropomorphics List at

First Public FC 2006 Meeting

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The time has come to start preparing for Further Confusion 2006. The first public hotel meeting will be April 16th, 2005, at noon at the Double Tree Hotel in San Jose, CA. This meeting is open to the public and will be the first of many monthly meetings we will be having for FC2006.

We still need a lot of people on staff to make this work. Each year we hire over 100 staff members in order to help us run FC , this means that we still have a lot of positions to fill. If you have never worked a con before, no experience is required for most of the positions. We cannot run this convention without you and we need your help in running it.


Loran Skunky

Chair, Further Confusion 2006


Jan. 19th - 23rd, 2006

Morphicon 2005: Last Call for Hotel Rooms!

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Morphicon 2005: "Growing Pains" is almost here! The madness will be hitting Columbus from May 6 to 8. We've got tons of programming, food, and performance events lined up for all our attendees. See for all the details.

Two quick notes: Discount hotel reservations end Friday April 22nd! Reserve your room immediately if you plan to attend. See for more. Also, we can still use fursuiters for our Variety Show (email for info). No experience required! Signing up early will help our rehearsal go more smoothly.

It's been a long year of planning, and we can't wait for the result. See you at con!


Furry age demographic survey: How old are you?

Under 15 yrs old
3% (24 votes)
15-19 yrs old
37% (269 votes)
20-24 yrs old
24% (177 votes)
25-29 yrs old
12% (89 votes)
30-34 yrs old
7% (48 votes)
35-39 yrs old
5% (37 votes)
40-44 yrs old
5% (33 votes)
45-49 yrs old
3% (24 votes)
50 and over
4% (26 votes)
Votes: 727

Southern Californa furs: assistance requested for Fred Patten!

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Anime and anthropomorphic pioneering fan and writer Fred Patten suffered a stroke in March that left him paralyzed on his right side. He is no longer able to administer his gigantic collection of anime and manga, or his other personal items. His items must be moved on April 25th, and if you live in Southern California and are available to provide assistance, it would be tremendously appreciated.

Something You Just Don't See Every Day: Exploding Toads

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Toads are exploding by the hundreds in a pond near Hamburg, Germany. This is not the sort of behavior that one routinely expects from the typical self-respecting amphibian. Why did they all suddenly turn kamikaze? Oddly enough, race horses seem likely to bear the blame.

For more details, go here.