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Anthrocon has an overflow hotel now

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From Kage, on the AnthroCon livejournal

It took some doing, but we found a hotel that is (a) close to the Wyndham, (b) within our price range (after a bit of negotiation), (c) has space available, and (d) is not where the bums sleep.

Those who did not grab a Wyndham room fast enough can now go to the HOTEL WINDSOR just two blocks away. It's a very nice residential hotel, with each room being a fully-furnished suite with kitchenette.

Before you think of holding a party there, though, please be advised that the hotel has a "NO PARTIES" policy, since there are people who live there year-round. That means that when you get together with your friends, the noise must be controlled to avoid any complaints from the neighbors. Sorry, party-cats. We did the best we could without losing any of items A through D above.

More information is at Please note that the hotel's registration system is not yet set up for us. We expect that by the middle of next week (April 15 or so) you should be able to start making reservations.

Please do not call the Wyndham. They may still give you a reservation, but you will be charged the full room rate of $189 and may not have a guaranteed room. If you have already gotten a reservation outside of our block like that, send your name and confirmation number to and I will see what can be done.


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