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Anthrocon fills Westin doubles, entire Courtyard hotel

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If you hoped to be in the Westin for Anthrocon 2011, you may be in for a surprise. Booking opened today at 9AM ET, and double bedrooms sold out online by 9:25AM.

Anthrocon also reports that the Courtyard hotel is completely booked for Sunday. The next closest with doubles – and also the most expensive – is the Omni William Penn. Meanwhile, the DoubleTree is cheaper but twice as far; the flood of fans initially broke their booking system. Suites at the Westin might also still be available.

Want to beat the crowds in 2012? Attend the charity auction and see if they have rooms on offer for next year. You might get a good deal and help out the ToonSeum.


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Things went pretty fast, even compared to last year.

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While the plug for the charity auction is appreciated, could you please amend your posting so as to not advertise that hotel rooms are up for auction this year? While it may turn out to be the case by convention time, I currently have no donations of hotel rooms for 2012 lined up.

- Rigel
AC Charity Auction Director

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Certainly. My experience was that they they have been in years past.

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Thank you. FWIW, 2010 was the only year we have had rooms for auction.

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Digital Media Discs are available, but the rooms are all gone.

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