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Website seeks members to offer 'Welcome' to fellow furs

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Welcome, Fur mascot, by KnoxEver wondered if you could stay with a fur rather than pay through the nose for impersonal accommodation? Welcome, Fur intends to help.

Spanish developer Salmy – better known as creator of a Fur Affinity to Inkbunny transfer script and admin of Furry Madridexplains his motivation:

How many times you've seen [on FA] people writing journals about going somewhere and looking for lodging, or other people looking for roommates? I have given a place to stay to plenty of furs for many years, but most times I wanted to go somewhere I found out I had to pay for a hotel and, what's worse, I never knew if there were other furs in that place willing to meet other people. That's why I went for it and I'm developing this new site.

Currently in alpha testing, the site is open to interested users willing to give feedback.


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Mhmh, generally a quite nice idea, I do really dislike the fact that real name is mandatory and I cannot decide myself how much of my address I want to give at signup. Sure, for such a thing the address is needed, but users should be allowed to decide how close to their real location they want to give/set it and then maybe later give the full address by e-mail or something, so they would have more privacy and less informations leaked if there should ever be any malicious attack on the website, if ever.

Well, if that is removed I'll certainly signup later, at the moment it goes a little too much to data collecting for my taste, but certainly a nice project.

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I understand it originated as dating site software and might need to be adapted for the furry perspective, at least for names. As for addresses, I can see how it might be a little hard to run a room-sharing house without knowing where the rooms are. You only have to go as far as a town/zip code, and if you wanted to be mysterious you could make that up as well.

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Okay, I'll agree with you on that address thing, yeah.
Well, no matter what, I certainly hope this idea will get some attention, Salmy seems to have quite some of 'em, enviable.

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I'm against the idea of housing someone just because they have something in common with you. I would have to know the person rather well before I even toyed with the idea of letting them house up with me. At least a year of continuous contact.

Putting up information for offer to strangers on the Internet is pretty much begging to be socially engineered by a kleptomaniac.

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It's a novel idea and I can see where one might want to use it, though the application would be so rare few people would know the site exist when they need such a thing. If what RealZero says is right they'll probably need to work on their privacy a little bit before hand.

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While I believe that this is a great concept that could be widely used through the fandom, at the same time I can understand Sonious' concern. Not everyone sleeps with two rifles, a shotgun, two dogs and various blades in their room (such as yours truly). I have never had a problem with letting furs, rainbows or ravers crash at my home, but then again I'm more than slightly prepared for the unsavory crowd.

As for myself, I would have no issue with using this service.

We can never overcome that which we never attempt to defeat. Power to the furries!

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