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Sonic turns hotel room into Green Hill Zone, also bans squirrel

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On February 13, Alton Towers, working with Sega Europe, unveiled a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed roller coaster ride, and a hotel room to match. Which might just be the closest thing to being inside a Sonic game.

The room features a colorful wallpaper that resemble opening stages of Sonic games — a tropical forest on a backdrop of blue sky and sea, complete with checkerboard platforms. The lamps are modeled after Emeralds and plushies of characters can be found in the bathroom. It also has a PS3, XBox 360 and Wii, complete with several Sonic games.

An evening of stay at this room is not cheap - over £350 in fact, not including admission to the parks (and the coaster ride).

The sonic-themed roller coaster, named Sonic Spinball, features spinning pods that seat four people.

On another note, the roller coaster had to ban the most unusual guest: a squirrel. Nicknamed “Sonic” by the park's staff, it is said to be guilty of messing up the paint, stealing guests' food, and riding the coaster — before the ride is even open. The park ended up deciding to ward him off with ultrasonic alarms.

Source: Girl Gamers UK via Kotaku and Telegraph via Jandan


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Where can I get that wallpaper? Alas, the emeralds look like paste.

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Sneaky editor Norn is sneaky. <3

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GreenReaper push link!

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Damn hedgehogs takin' all our jobs.

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I don't think that's entirely fair - after all, it's not like they keep it out of the economy. You know a lot of rings had to go into building those rollercoasters.

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ULTRA Sonic alarms...


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At least they take some time to spin up.

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OMG, its a dream come true for Sonic Fans! Now I want to go there and get all the plushies!!!

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Will someone please think of the squirrels

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