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Digging Up Positivity - April 2024

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Welcome to the April episode of Digging Up Positivity! Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner.

In this episode:

  • The April charities from the fandom
  • Even crocodiles need to go to the dentist
  • Animation news
  • A wonderful interview with one of the main forces behind AnthroIrish!

And much more.

Oh hey! Also, I am happy to say we are giving out item from my PAWS collection from my ArtworkTee store, more details at the end of this video.

Charity Updates

Turtle Camp

Almita Otter, known for her adorable art, was gathering funds for the Turtle Camp, making sure that the Kemp’s Ridley Sea turtles have their eggs hatch during season. To ensure the eggs are safe, coolers were needed. And with $90 raised, this has become a reality.

Las Vegas Furcon

The 2141 wonderful visitors from Las Vegas Furcon have raised $10,164 for Trans Pride and this is before the con-store profits! So there is bound to be an update later down the line.

A fursuiters’ worst nightmare

During last NordicFuzzCon Myrtle had terrible encounter that rendered her fursuit head unusable in a way that was just horrible. However within 48 hours the goal was reached, seriously, the response was amazing! We did stop the GoFundMe after $2,646.10 was raised, but wow the generocity!

Cult of Blahai

The wonderfully diverse team of the Cult Blahai has raised $6,435 for Trans Lifeline during their April Showers Charity Drive.

Golden State Furcon

1929 lovely critters raised $10,000 for Forever Wild at the Golden State Furcon. Forever Wild is a Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary dedicated to preserving the lives of abused, neglected and abandoned exotic animals.

Motor City Furcon

In the US state of Michigan, the lovely furs from Motor City Furcon have raised $24,000 for the Pipsqueekery, a rescue and sanctuary for all small animals, no matter what their needs may be.

Team Dogbomb ALS sponsorship drive

Every year I am still amazed how Team Dogbomb just trucks on for ALS. This year they are raising funds once more for ALS United North California. Our fuzzy friends raised $8,886 for this noble cause.

Puffin’ Aardwolf’s ALS stream

But besides Dogbomb and other amazing names like Papa Barks, Puffin’ Aardwolf is working hard to raise for ALS as well, in their last stream they raised a whopping $1,000 for the fight against ALS.

Woods Flock!

And in Springcamp Woods Flock the lovely visitors have raised $2,433 for Exotic Pet Wonderland, who are providing a loving home for captive born wildlife and difficult exotic pets who have no other place to go.

Furry Tea Party

And in Taiwan a little over a thousand guests have raised $3,686.53 for the Taiwan Guide Dog Association.

Animation News

Sonic 3

There is a lot of news regarding our favorite blue ring-addicted hedgehog. In the third instalment of the movie, Shadow the hedgehog, or Edgehog if you will, will return, and voiced by no other than Keanu Reaves. The success of the first two movies did inspire the studio behind the movies to announce a spinoff revolving around Knuckles (who is voiced by the ever so awesome Idris Alba, yes, the bull from Zootopia) and the gutsy announcement they want to make a Sonic Cinematic
Universe. Although every studio has tried to do so, but few have succeeded. Time will tell! But in the meantime, I am looking forward to see Keanu Reeves in Sonic 3 and both he and Idris are stoked to work together once more!

The Bad Guys 2

Time flies and fruit flies like a banana! Did you know The Bad Guys already is 2 years old? Notable for their unique style an animation, The Bad Guys was a surefire hit. And yes, it is furry bait, catching the hearts of many, me included. And it was a matter of time before part 2 was announced!

According to sources, the movie will be about them struggling to find trust and acceptance in their new lives as good guys, and are pulled out of retirement to do one last job. Pierre Perifel returns as a director, making me look forward to see the same animation style return in cinemas at August 1st 2025.

In further news


The Fallout series has been making some serious waves, and it is definitely worth a watch! While especially the older fans of the show might have something to say about details of the lore, it certainly has captured the vibe.

A Brony known by Kkat wrote a cross-over titled FallOut: Equestria, which was quite known throughout the Brony community, and this 5 volume series spawned a Pen and Paper tabletop version, which I did enjoy playing quite a lot! And what originally started out as a mod for Fallout 3 is now a standalone game: Ashes of Equestria, being developed by Overmare Studios. While it looks like the development is on hold, their twitter account does show some signs of life.

Other fans of the Fallout universe have been busy too! Like with this amazing LEGO version of a vault with 20 rooms where in every room something is going on, they even included with a piece of the surface. V.P.L.O studios made a lovely video about it, showcasing how they have built it! Including all the fun little Easter eggs.

Croc’s Dental Surgery

Going to the dentist is not a fun experience, especially when you know they will have to do a procedure *shudder* even if you know it will solve that dreadful pain! But what if you are a half-tonne almost 5 meter (or 16 foot) crocodile? Well, in the Australian Reptile Park they know how to handle you! Even though it almost went wrong! Elvis, their absolute unit of a crocodile was not having it. Not one bit, but in the end, the dentist and their team managed to help the big fellow. The troublesome tooth got extracted and our big fellow got a clean bill of health!

Featurette: Ink

This month with digging up positivity we have a very special guest from Ireland, one of the main people behind Anthro Ireland. Ireland's first furry convention:

[Interview with Ink]

Thank You

A big thank you for staying with us till the very end! You are all awesome beans. Speaking of beans! If you want an item from my PAWS collection in my Artworktee store, by all means say so in the comments, I will pick a winner next episode from
the comment section. Maybe you want one of those lovely phone-cases, or looking all good in a tank top, or Tshirt, let us know!

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The next episode of Digging Up Positivity will be on May 25th and of course I try to be around every Monday from 8 to 10pm central European time on twitch with a mirror stream here on Youtube, see you around and all the hugs!


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