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Anthrocon 2010 hotels open tomorrow; fees to rise on 15th

Edited as of Fri 5 Feb 2010 - 20:09
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Anthrocon 2010 hotel booking opens tomorrow at 9AM EST (UTC-5). This year, four hotels have an arranged rate for attendees.

Those with plans to attend may also wish to register by February 15th, when fees for members, sponsors, and super sponsors increase by $5.

Update 2: 24 hours in, the Westin and Courtyard had almost sold out (graph of science).

Each hotel has its own advantages and disadvantages . . .

To dissuade tentative bookings, all hotels are making an immediate non-refundable charge (including 14% tax) to cover the first night's stay. Those not wishing to make such a commitment - or who are looking for people to fill their room - can use Anthrocon's room share forums.


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According to Uncle Kage, the chairman, ALL double rooms at the Westin had sold out within just a few hours of opening the reservations up. There are still king size beds, suites, and the overflow hotels available though.

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