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June 2008

Big Buck Bunny released on the Internet

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Big Buck Bunny, the end result of Blender "Project Peach", has been released for Internet download in May 30th[1]. The 10-minute "Pixar-like" short animation film, featuring a big bunny and three rascally rodents, premiered on April 10th[2].

The film is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. This release also includes all of the project files, which means that everyone can make new productions based on the original project files.

SoCal FurBQ Jun 21st Irvine Regional Park

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Its Time for the annual Fur-B-Q! It will be held on Jun 21st at the usual location in Irvine Regional Park. Many furrs attend this event every year, bringing tons of food and drink and merryment: Most of the Cats tend to love hanging around in the local low-hanging trees, many artists love drawing under the Shade of such trees, and the plentiful amount of Oxygen given off by said trees keeps everyone purring along quite happily.

When you get in, hang a right after paying your parking fee and there should be some signs set up on the display boards along the road that point to where we are. We will stake our claim at the traditional spot, between Parking Lots 9 and 10 as shown on the park brochure, which can be seen here.

Heathen City available for preorder

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The first volume of the hotly-anticipated anthropomorphic graphic novel Heathen City, which will debut at Anthrocon '08 on June 26, is now available for preorder from FurPlanet.

The first volume of Heathen City, titled 'Always on the Run' consists of 46 full-color pages, written by Alex Vance and illustrated by Ayato, Distasy, Krahnos, Charha and Fel, with cover art by Kamui.

For pre-orders the cover price is reduced from $24.95 to $19.95.

Upcoming furry comics for August 2008 (Previews only)

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Anthrocon's a-comin'! I haven't been able to make it in years, but this time for sure! I hope to pick up the three paperbacks of Ursula Vernon's *Digger*, at the very least.

Heathen City now also available for pre-order in the UK

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In addition to FurPlanet, United Publications in the UK is now also offering Heathen City for pre-order.

Heathen City is an ambitious adults-only graphic novel, written by Alex Vance, illustrated by Ayato, Distasty, Krahnos, Charha and Fel, which will debut at Anthrocon 2008. US pre-orders will ship shortly after, UK pre-orders have a ship date of July.

UK pre-orders can be placed here:

FC2009 June Newsletter

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In this issue:
1. New Guest of Honor for FC 2009
2. Annual Further Confusion Camp-out
3. Annual Further Confusion Picnic
4. Hotel News
5. Events
6. Dealers
7. Next Staff Meeting

Furry Weekend Atlanta changes date, hotel

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Furry Weekend Atlanta will not be held during the usual Valentine's Day weekend next year - instead, the fourth largest furry convention has been moved to March 19-22 for 2009, and presumably for all FWAs to come.[1] The change in dates was primarily due to space conflicts with a large cheering competition taking place in Atlanta during the same weekend.[2]

The convention has also changed hotels for 2009, switching from a two-year run with the Sheraton to move to the larger Hilton Atlanta hotel.

Moonstalker, Hali selected as guests of honor at FWA 2009

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Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009 has announced the Guests of Honor for the sixth installment of the convention: Matthew Ebel a.k.a. Hali of Firpine and, Moonstalker a.k.a. Richard Foley.[1]