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Furry short fiction anthology 'What Happens Next' due July

Review: 'Weasel Presents', by Kyell Gold

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Weasel PresentsArgaea is Kyell Gold’s Renaissance-like fantasy world of a rich, multispecies anthropomorphic culture, introduced in his 2004-5 short novel The Prisoner’s Release.

The world has been developed in Gold’s three novels and one short fiction collection, Volle, Pendant of Fortune, The Prisoner’s Release and Other Stories, and Shadow of the Father. Now here are five new short tales of Argaea.

Four of the five tales are set during, or are connected to, Gold’s four previous books. The fifth, “Stolen Away”, is a new story that Gold says will be expanded in the future.

Like the earlier Argaea stories, these have a very strong homoerotic element that has FurPlanet and Rabbit Valley restricting sales to adults (18 or older) — although (possibly misled by Sara Palmer’s innocent cover) have no such restriction.

FurPlanet Productions, June 2011. Trade paperback $11.95 (viii + 161 pages); Kindle $5.99.