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Season 6 teaser image shows 'Fortnite' just got a lot furrier

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Season 6 of the popular "Battle Royale" shooter Fortnite is launching September 25, this Thursday, and for the second season in a row, the first teaser image released by Epic Games features a new character wearing an animal mask, in this case, a Deadmau5-esque DJ wearing a llama mask, after the Season 5 teaser featured a kabuki-inspired fox mask teaser.

The next Season 6 teaser image featured a cowgirl (the "Wild West" type of cowgirl, not the furry type, unfortunately), but it wasn't until the third and final teaser image, that things got really furry with an apparent werewolf character featured, seen above.

Update: The llama DJ is named DJ Yonder and is the tier 1 reward for the Season 6 Battle Pass; the werewolf is named Dire and is the tier 100 reward, and features further unlockable styles (he is unlocked as a human but most players will already have enough experience points reaching tier 100 to unlock his werewolf form when he is unlocked). Season 6 is also introducing Pets that players can carry on their back to the game; a dog, chameleon and baby dragon will all be unlockable in the pass.

Llama, Llama, Llama, No Duck

Somehow, another cultural meme has passed us by (we admit it), but evidently this is a Very Important Llama: “Polka Spot has traveled the world as a fashion model, pop superstar, movie star, magazine editor, diplomatic problem-solver, and general global icon. She goes where no llama has gone before. Her life in pictures is worth a million words. And every one is massively important.  In the rare moments that Polka Spot has any down time, she lives at home with Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, better known as The Beekman Boys, on their farm in Sharon Springs, NY. The Beekman Boys, who will be competing in the Amazing Race on CBS this season, wanted to feature their popular llama from their show that will start airing on the Cooking Channel later this month.  Bluewater Productions is giving this larger-than-life personality a brand new comic series titled Polka Spot: My Life in Pictures. The all-ages comic was co-written by Bluewater President Darren G. Davis, Michael Troy and the Beekman Boy himself, Brent Ridge. Polka Spot’s vibrant art was created by talented artist, Bernat.” Following all that?  We really didn’t either. But, you can find out more at 1st Comic News. Bluewater Productions will bring us Polka Spot #1 in full color this October.