Spiders - I hate spiders!

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Do you hate spiders? Then avoid this movie! But those of you who love humor with horror ought to take a gander at the movie Eight-Legged Freaks, coming out soon --


Just a quick read reminds me of last summer's Evolution, a movie that combined doltish humor with a strong action plot, gross monsters, and even a few genuine scares to great success. Unlike all too many monster flicks, these people aren't taking themselves seriously. This film may well turn out to be the schlock hit of the summer.

I just hope the CGI spiders don't turn out to be the most animated characters in the entire movie.

Crikey! More of the Blunder from Down Under

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Fitting in oddly well with my other article, the Crocodile Hunter series is about to be released upon American theaters within a few weeks. You can find out more here --


Maybe this movie will be good. Maybe this won't be another 'look at the weird Aussies' flick a la Crocodile Dundee (which did have its moments). But after reading the website and checking the promos, a part of me dreads that this flick is going to make Scooby Doo look like 'The Ten Commandments'.

PS -- Those who loved the 'Doo will coubtless be thrilled to know that the sequel is already in the works. Never rains but it pours.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the pond

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Pennsylvania in the summer expects oddball visitors, but my local
area has rarely had visitors quite this odd. Several 2'-4' foot long
alligators have been found swming about the local area, wth at least
one remaining unaccounted for.
You can get the scoop here --

June 21 story
June 19 story
June 18 story

As yet no one has any ideas where the errant gators have came from.
Authorities assume they were owned by locals and then released. This keeps up
and Northampton County's next tourist attraction will be a Gator Farm.

Book on man's relation to nature

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This book wouldn't be for everyone, but I found it an interesting an engaging read. A View to a Death in the Morning, by Matt Cartmill (Harvard University Press, 1993), is an examination of man's attitudes towards hunting and nature through the history of Western civilization, from Ancient Greece up to modern times.

Photograph of secretive relative of mongoose taken...

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The BBC is carrying an article here about a remote camera trap in Africa managing to take a picture of a relative of the mongoose (called Lowe's servaline genet) previously known only through the discovery of a pelt by a British explorer, 70 years ago. Pretty animal. }:)

Drowning dog saved by seal

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Usually it's dolphins helping drowning people that is typical in the world of animals rescuing, but a 10 year old dog who fell into a fast flowing river out of the reach of humans on the shore was saved by a seal. The seal caught up with in injured dog as it was going down, and pushed it to shore.Seals are smart and social animals, but this behavior hasn't been seen before.

Beam me up?

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A beam of light has been teleported in Australia, which might seem a long way from Star Trek, but it's the first step to large scale teleportation.Though humans are a long way off (if ever) the applications of being able to teleport sub atomic particles and light are numerous, such as telecommunications and encryption.

How much is that dead toad in the window?

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The City of San Fransisco thinks sick, dead and rotting animals in the two SF area stores are enough reason to bar Petco from doing business there anymore.
Alerted by numerous customer complaints, they discovered starving animals, sick animals and animals dead or dying in too hot cages, including a toad that appeared to have boiled to death in its own water.

Conifur cheap pre-reg price deadline approaches!

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If you want to preregister for Conifur Northwest at the incredible $25 price, the time to send in your registration is now! The price goes up to $30 for registrations postmarked between July first and September 20th, or it's $35 at the door.

Speedy Gonzales Returns

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The hyperactive cartoon mouse, who had been barred from the air by the Cartoon Network because it considered him an offensive ethnic stereotype of Mexicans, is roaming the airwaves once again.

See article on Foxnews

Looney Tunes For Adults?

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Warner Bros. has denied that they are gearing the new Looney Tunes theatrical shorts towards children, and aim to be faithful to the original material. They even go so far as to suggest that some of the cartoons will be run before R-rated movies. Mature content? Read the scoop at ToonZone.

New TMNT Series Interview

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Read an interview with Peter Laird about the new TMNT upcoming animated series debuting on FOX in the fall.

Aardman's "Rex The Runt" Being Shopped In US

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A series of Aardman claymation shorts called "Rex, the Runt" is being shopped to US media outlets as a 13-episode series. The claymation program stars a dog, Rex, and his companions as they explore outer space, inner earth, and their own brains. More info on Yahoo.

You're An Animal, Viskovitz!

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Could this translation of an Italian novel be considered an NC-17 or an X-rated version of "Animorphs"? If a Furry fan wrote this it would be cited as evidence of Furry fandom's perverted nature. But publish it as a prestigious $18.00 hardcover and it's Literature.



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You've seen "Super Chicken". Now there is "Spider-Chicken", in Flash animation! Check it out for yourselves: http://www.my-tv.it/

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