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Potential Furry Convention in the U.K.

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Anticarrot writes on "I've just started a yahoogroup call UK_FUR_CON, with the intention of discussing constructively the problems and pitfalls of organising furry conventions outside of America. Specifically it's set up to discuss the problems associsted with England, but many of the problems are the same the world over.

What I'm looking for is people who know what they're talking about, (SusanDeer, Uncle Kage, Cheetah etc) people who want to help, and anyone else in a similiar situation who's trying to kickstart a con from nothing.

And again, that's it. We've found a number of venues, but I gather that's only half the problem. And I'm hoping for some help with the other 50% so we don't have eto go groping around in the dark too much."


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