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FC2003 : October Newsletter

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On behalf of Further Confusion: Furries in Wonderland

FC2003 Newsletter October 2002

1. Info From the Head MadHatters
2. Con Book Call for Submissions
3. Artshow Packets Mailed out
4. Hotel Update
5. Events: Live Animal Event
6. Airfare Sale
7. Travel Assistance
8. FC2004 Bid Call
9. FC Writing Contest
10. Fursuit Badges
1. Info from the Head MadHatters

Just over three months! Just over three months! That's right, we're in
the final quarter of a year before Further Confusion rolls around and the
San Jose DoubleTree fills with critters of all shapes and sizes. We're
starting to see the familiar fourth quarter jump in memberships and room
reservations, and the staff is busy getting everything ready in time for
the convention.

The most notable thing we've done over the past month though, is what
we've innocently titled "prop building." Without giving away too much
about what all we've been up to, expect to step into an environment
straight out of wonderland when you make it to the DoubleTree next year.
We've been having a blast getting things ready for the convention, and it
should be a real blast once January rolls around.

Want to be a part of that blast? As always, we're looking for willing and
able critters to help us out as volunteers or staff members. If you're
interested in seeing what goes into the making of one of the best furry
conventions ever, drop a line to, and let us
know what you are interested in.

Thanks again, to everyone who has been supporting us going into our fifth
year, and we hope to see you all again in just a few short months.

2. Con Book Call for Submissions

Further Confusion is looking for materials from both the visual and
written arts to showcase in its program book. The program book will
contain approximately 64 pages. All contributors published in our book
will receive a complimentary copy of the book, whether they attend the
convention or not.

When sending in material for publication in the Further Confusion 2003
Program Book, we MUST have your legal permission to include your material.
See the section labeled Legal Stuff for more information. Do NOT send
originals as we can not promise the return of the material sent, nor its
ability to survive through the mail.

In particular content having something to do with this years theme: the
works of Lewis Carroll and his Wonderland series of novels.

The full guidelines for submitting to the con book can be found here:

Any questions should be directed to

3.Artshow Packets Mailed Out: Space for Sale.

We have mailed out artshow packets to all participants form last years
artshow as well as to everyone in our dealers room and those who had sent
us an email request. The forms are available on the Further Confusion
Website as well. We generally sell out our show each year, so if you want
space, please get those forms back into us as soon as possible.

4. Hotel Update

We have successfully negotiated an expansion of our room block on
Wednesday night and Monday night. We will probably be able to expand it
once more but there is certainly no guaranty. If you have NOT yet made
your hotel reservation, ESPECIALLY, if you intend to come in early or stay
late, make your reservation as soon as possible. If you have any
difficulties, please let us know at

Second, we will have a party floor this year. These rooms have access onto
a large back patio that provides extra room for your guests. If you desire
one of these rooms, make your reservation normally and then you MUST send
an email to with your request. Parties on this
floor should be public parties and not private ones.

5. Events: Live Animal Event

We've finalized on the live animal events at this year's convention, and
will be inviting Bonnie back out from Classroom Safari. This is the group
which had the wolf hybrid with us last year, and he'll be back again in
January. She will also have her foxes back, snakes, a savannah cat, and a
miniature horse. Just like last year, we'll have both an artist only
session for drawing of the live animals as well as a general session for
people to look at and interact with the animals. In addition, this year,
we'll be having a special patron-only viewing session with the animals and
their keepers.

6. Airfare Sale

We understand that Southwest and some other airlines have some excellent
fare wars going on at present into San Jose Airport. The shuttle has a
free service there so now might be the best time to make your air travel

7. Travel Assistance

Each year, we have some folks who need a little bit of extra help in
affording the trip to Further Confusion. This is your chance to help them
out. The folks listed on this page are folks who have specifically
requested help from the fandom and are people we feel are worthy of your

2 - Artist, Entertainer and all round fine fellow
Cutter McCoy (Matt Henry) - Furry Fan and past Furry Zine distributor
Goth Kitty (Krissy Hutson) - Furry Artist
HollyAnn - Clean Furry Artist
Latin Vixen (Valentina Caicedo) - Artist, Costumer
Jim and Rebekkah Groat - Furry Artist

So if you have any extra cash to help these folks out just follow the
directions found on the travel assistance page at

8. FC2004 Bid Call

Yes, its that time of year again. While the staff of Further Confusion
2003 is hard at work with preparing for January, its time for a new
chairman and executive team to be selected by AAE for 2004. So, if you are
interested in being the chair of one of the fandoms most exciting and
largest conventions, please see the full bid guidelines at

9. FC2003 Writing Contest

Further Confusion announces it's annual writing contest. The rules are as

1) The story must be no longer then 1500 words.
2) The story must be PG rated for a general audience.
3) The judges are Tim Susman, of Sofawolf press, Tigris Euphrates and
Timberwolf (FC's Writing Track Directors).
4) Entries must be emailed to by November 21, 2002 in one of the follow
formats (*.rtf or *.doc)
5) The winner shall be published in the Further Confusion 2003 Con book.
6) Submit stories to

10. Fursuit Badges

For those unfamiliar with fursuit/costume badges: this badge is a picture
badge of a fursuit, bearing only the costume name, allowing a costumer to
go around the con in 'persona' and still have access to con function
space. The badge is only valid when worn with the fursuit/costume.

Pictures for these badges will be taken on Friday and Saturday of the con
(1/24/03 and 1/25/03) by appointment only, and an appointment sheet will
be available at Registration. The first fursuit badge per standard
membership is free, and $5 per badge thereafter. Reminder: Like a regular
con badge, a fursuit badge is only valid for the year it was issued. Last
year's badge will not gain you admittance to any of this year's convention

But there's MORE: You can _pre-register_ for a fursuit badge!

Once you have pre-registered for Further Confusion, between then and
January 1, 2003 send a picture of your costume to and include the following information
in the email:

* Your real name
* The fursuit name
* Your registration confirmation number
Technical requirements: Any picture-type file @ 300dpi with a
usable area of 450 by 600 pixels.

If you wish to pre-register multiple costumes/fursuits, payment for the
additional badges will be collected at con, and pre-registered fursuit
badges will be available after 6pm Thursday (1/23/03).

Further Confusion


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