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The wonderful tale of Khun Thongdaeng

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The fancies of monarchs often lead to a frenzy of interest by their subjects. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, ruler of Thailand, first introduced his favorite dog, Khun Thongdaeng, as part of his annual birthday speech, counciling his people to be kind to strays. The streets-to-palace pooch was a stray nursed to health by a palace doctor, then given to the king as a gift.
After the king's prostrate surgery, he was seen wearing a polo shirt with a photo of his dog and her puppies, which quickly became the thing to have. A dessert book was written by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn to give the recipies for the traditional dished the puppies were named after. And now a book, "The Story of Thongdaeng," is flying off the shelves. Written by the king himself to tell the tale of his favorite friend, it's not only a history, but also written as a moral lessons. Proceeds, as with the earlier works, go to a palace founded charity to aid stray dogs.


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