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FC2003: November Newsletter

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FC2003 Newsletter November 2002 Edition

1. From the Head MadHatters
2. Hotel Reservation Cutoff Date Announcement
3. Pre-reg Cutoff Date Announcement
4. Con Book Submissions Cutoff Date Announcement
5. Final Call for Panels and Panelists
6. Important Times
A. Dealers Room
B. Artshow Hours
C. Registration Hours
7. Rabbit Tracks Zero: call for announcements
8. Call for Gophers
1. From the Head MadHatters

The holidays are upon us and we are coming down to the wire. Only 2
months are left until we celebrate in style as "Furries in Wonderland".
Our grand experiment of a 5 day con is moving along nicely. We are
rounding out our events schedule and can assure every attended a new and
exciting experience. With a dash of workshops and a generous pinch of
social activities slowly simmered over 5 days, there will be a tasty treat
for everyone. So don't let Jack Frost nip you! Get your hotel and
convention reservations in soon. After that, sit back, take a sip of Egg
Nog in front of a warm fire next to that special someone or with your
friends and family, and share the season with each other. Spread the
cheer, friendship and fuzzles that the community knows how to do best. And
when all is said and done, make that New Years' resolution to be part of
something special this January 23rd.

Chairo and Aetobatus, your Mad Hatters for 2003.

2. Hotel Reservation Cutoff Date Announcements

Our room block is getting full and its time to remind folks of the last
date to get the convention rate. That date is Monday, January 6, 2003.
After that date we cannot guaranty the convention rate for you. If you
want to be placed into the Fursuit Area or Party Floor of the Hotel, we
need to receive your request by Dec 15, 2002.

3. Pre-reg Cutoff Date Announcement

Preregistration cutoff is rapidly approaching. January 6 is the final date
to preregister for FC2003 and to save that final $5 and more importantly,
avoid that at-con registration line. Not to mention, pre-registration
helps us plan accurately! Please help us help you by pre-registering for
the convention.

You can always register online via our website at:

4. Con Book Submissions Cutoff Date Extension

The Deadline for submitting materials for consideration to the FC2003
Convention Book has been extended by 10 days. December 10 is the final day
to submit something (Ads, Writing, or Artwork) for consideration in our
convention book. You can find the full guidelines at the following:

5. Final Call for Panels and Panelists

Its time to start to finalize the schedule. We still have room for more
events so if you have ever had the hankering to run a panel on a subject,
please drop a line to no later than Dec 15,

6. Important Times

A. Dealers Room
Thursday: (Setup only - Subject to change):
Setup 4pm Close 10pm

Setup 8am
Open to public 10am
Close 6pm

Setup 9am
Open to public 10am
Close 6pm

Setup 9am
Open to public 10am
Close 6pm
Teardown closes 8pm

Monday (teardown only - subject to change):
Teardown opens 11am
Teardown closes 4pm

B. Artshow Hours
Setup: Check at the con in case we can allow artists setup.

Setup 9 am - 12 noon
Open to the Public 12 noon - 6 pm
Artists Reception: 7 pm -8 pm
Dealers and Staff Showing: 8pm - 9pm

Setup: 10 am - 12 noon
Unclaimed Panels Released: 12 noon
Open to the Public: 12 noon - 9:30 pm
Final Bids/ Show Closes: 9:30 pm

Artshow Pickup: 12 noon til 5 pm
Art Auction: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm

Artshow Pickup: 10 am - 2 pm

C. Registration Hours
4pm - 5pm Pre-Reg Badge pickup
5pm - 10pm Reg Open to all

10am - 10:30pm Open to all

10am - 6pm Open to all

10am - noon Open to all
noon - 4 pm FC2004 Pre-Registration

7. Rabbit Tracks Zero: call for announcements

Rabbit Tracks is the name for the At Con Newsletter this year. Its the
place for all the latest news. Its also the place for our attendees to
make their OWN announcements. If you have any announcements that you want
included in the first edition that will be placed into attendees'
registration bags, we need to have them by January 6, 2003. You can email
any announcements to

8. Call for Volunteers

We always need lots of Volunteers to help everything run smoothly. Earn a
free membership, free t-shirt, and other cool prizes by helping us help
folks have a great time at Further Confusion. We even have free crash
space for volunteers who cannot afford a hotel room. Email us at or see our Volunteer folks at the
convention to get signed up.

Further Confusion


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