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FC2003 : January Newsletter - Final Edition

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1. From the Head MadHatters
2. Pocket Guide, Dealers' Room Map and PreCon Final Schedule Available
3. Weather Forecast for Further Confusion 2003
4. New Pre-Registration and Room Night Record
5. Important Rooms and Times
6. Rabbit Tracks Call for Submissions
7. Call for Volunteers
8. Events Items
After Tuesday, January 22, do not depend on email or other methods to get
in touch with us. We'll be down setting up for the convention Wednesday

1. From the Head MadHatters

Well, the time has finally come upon us. Within a couple days of writing
this, the DoubleTree will be filled with critters of all shapes and sizes,
and we'll all be hoping that our year's of work will pay off.

As most of you know, the DoubleTree is a new hotel for us this year. I've
seen it with conventions going on inside, but never with OUR con. Just
the other night, I was walking out of the hotel restaurant around 8:00 at
night, after one of our last meetings. As I walked down the wide, yet
empty hall, I tried to imagine what it's going to look like, once we
invade. It's a strange feeling, all in all, to be standing inside a
largely empty hotel, trying to look into the future and see just how much
things will be changing when FurCon and its attendees give it life.

It's also nice, as we eat in the restaurants, stop by the front desk, or
even just see hotel staff in the hall. I can't count how many times the
staff has said, "Oh, you're with FurCon. We look forward to having you
out next weekend." Not only do they all say they're looking forward to
us, but they all know our name.

I'm excited about this. I hope all of you are also, and that we live up
to all of your expectations of Further Confusion. See 'ya in a couple

Michael "Aetobatus" Sawyer
Vice Chairman

As Aeto has expressed, I also feel an odd comfort yet a strange eerie
feeling. For the first time in months I drove to work today feeling
completely relaxed. A most weird quiet before the storm. I believe you
are all in for a treat. Our boots are polished and decks swabbed. I wish
each and everyone of you who attend a most memorable and fun experience.
For those who cannot attend, I hope to see you in the future. Either at
FC or any of the other fine conventions our counterparts put together for

Counting down those last minutes.

Lee "Chairo" Strom

2. Pocket Guide, Dealers' Room Map and PreCon Final Schedule Available

For those of you with laptops and handheld devices, we have available both
of these documents for you in pdf format. We should even have a copy of
the pocket guide itself up by the time you read this. As always, and
especially in keeping with this years theme, expect the unexpected and
keep looking at Rabbit tracks for the very latest updates.

Pocket Guide:

Dealers' Room Map:

Event Schedule:

We've got well over one hundred separate panels, events, games
tournaments, and other surprises on tap for you this year. Something
Further Confusion takes great pride in. Thank you to all of our panelists!

3. Weather Forecast for Further Confusion 2003

Just about perfect weather. If you are coming in early, you might bring an
umbrella just in case. It does get chilly in the Bay Area in the evening
so bring a light jacket.

Thu Jan 23 30% Chance of Scattered Showers in the morning 66°/48°
Fri Jan 24 Mostly Cloudy, 65°/47°, 10% chance of rain
Sat Jan 25 Partly Cloudy, 66°/50°, 10% chance of rain
Sun Jan 26 Partly Cloudy, 67°/49°, 10% chance of rain
Mon Jan 27 Partly Cloudy, 64°/48°, 0% chance of rain
Tue Jan 28 Partly Cloudy, 65°/49°, 0% chance of rain

4. New Pre-Registration and Hotel Night Record

We are very pleased to announce that FC2003 has significantly passed our
old record for both Pre-Registration and for hotel nights booked at the
convention. We'll have all the final numbers in our post convention
report. Thank you to each and every one of our attendees!

5. Important Rooms and Times


Convention Operations : Zinfandel (2nd floor, guest room area)
Convention Hospitality Suite: Room 954
Charity Auction Preview Room: Room 264
Volunteers Office : Room 262
Events/Panelist Lounge : Chardonnay (2nd floor, guest room area)
Registration : Lower Lobby
Dealers' Room : Golden Gate Ballroom
Art Show : Donner Pass Ballroom
Video Room : Riesling (2nd floor, guest room area)

A. Dealers Room
Thursday (Setup only - Subject to change):
Setup : 4pm
Close : 10pm

Setup : 8am
Open to public : 11am - 6pm

Setup : 9am
Open to public : 10am - 6pm

Setup : 9am
Open to public : 10am - 6pm
Teardown : 6pm - 8pm

Monday (teardown only - subject to change):
Teardown opens : 11am
Teardown closes : 4pm

B. Artshow Hours
Setup: Check at the con in case we can allow artists setup.

Setup : 9am - 12 noon
Open to the Public : 1pm - 6pm
Artists Reception : 7pm - 8pm
Dealers and Staff Showing: 8pm - 9pm

Setup : 10am - 12 noon
Unclaimed Panels Released: 12 noon
Open to the Public : 12 noon - 9:30pm
Final Bids/ Show Closes : 9:30pm

Artshow Pickup: 12 noon til 5 pm
Art Auction : 10:30am - 2:30pm

Artshow Pickup : 10am - 2pm

C. Registration Hours
Pre-Reg Badge pickup : 4pm - 5pm
Reg open to all : 5pm - 10pm

Open to all : 10am - 10:30pm

Open to all : 10am - 6pm

Open to all : 10am - 4pm
Pre-Reg, 2004 : 12 noon - 4pm

Open to all : 10am - 2pm
(2003 & 2004 pre-reg)

6. Rabbit Tracks Zero: call for announcements

Rabbit Tracks is the name for the At Con Newsletter this year. Its the
place for all the latest news. Its also the place for our attendees to
make their OWN announcements. If you have any announcements (Parties,
gatherings, field trips, or even birthday wishes) that you want considered
for inclusion in the second edition that will be available at the
convention on Friday morning, stop by Convention Operations and drop off
your announcements by 6pm or so or email them to us at

7. Call for Volunteers

We always need lots of Volunteers to help everything run smoothly. Earn a
free membership, free t-shirt, and other cool prizes by helping us help
folks have a great time at Further Confusion. We even have free crash
space for volunteers who cannot afford a hotel room. Email us at or see our Volunteer folks at the
convention to get signed up.

8. Events Items

Or The Bunny Gets It:
Further Confusion Television is proud to throw its own quiz show, "Or the
Bunny Gets It." Match minds, and be entertained by our Most Unusual Host!
Sign up at the Info desk on Thursday; filming will be from 8:00am until
10:00am on Friday morning to be broadcast on FCTV throughout the hotel.

Further Confusion


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