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MusiKitty Radio is on the air!

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MusiKitty Radio plays global electronic dance/trance, progressive house, remixed 80s and 90s, upbeat and downbeat lounge/ambient, bigbeat, breakbeat, happycharmfooldancemusic (hcfdm), along with plenty of little surprises thrown in for good measure. Many of these tunes are among those heard at the Saturday dances at Anthrocon.

Now playing 24/7! Visit the webpage and listen in at

- Rigel


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It might be a good idea to add a stream for dialup; stats show that the majority of inet users connect at 56k and below, and they will appreciate being able to hear the station.

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Several reasons why I'd rather not:
- My upstream is rated only at 128kbps, which is effectively less than 100kbps at any given time, so broadcasting at 56kbps already uses up over 50% of my upstream throughput.
- Two people are also using this connection for internet access.
- Because I helped them diagnose several connection issues, I'm being given special consideration by my ISP just to broadcast at 56kbps because the station is a violation of their usage policies. Any more and I'd be violating my agreement.
- I tested on lower bitrates and it simply does not sound very good. 56kbps is the minimum sound quality that I personally felt was acceptable to me.

Sorry, but it's a WYSIWYG situation. I'd recommend looking into broadband, tho, if you can get it at an affordable price. Once you have it, you'll never go back, and it's almost as cheap as dial-up in some instances. :)

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MusiKitty is now being broadcasting at 48kbps and is accessible by dial-up modem. Surprise! :)

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Note, it appears that does not work correctly with Apple OS X Safari. Apple OS X users should probably use (ack) Internet Explorer.

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Everyone needs more techno!
glad to see a furry station up... I'll try to configure it on my linux box some time...

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i dont think it will work for me im on window 95. i think anon. is riqht even at 56 youll get all the music but wont be able to do anything else with the net .once ago there was a problem when all browsers werent standards and it was the same thing you got kiked from sites if you didnt have the latest one

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