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Announcing The 2001 Mephit Fur Meet

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From Tyger Cowboy on "We are pleased to announce that the Mephit Fur Meet 2001 information is now available! The website has basic information on it and online registration will be available soon. If you have any questions you can email any of the staff noted in the enclosed info.

This year's Meet will be held August 30th - September 3rd, 2001 in Memphis, Tennessee."

T-shirt Contest:

T-shirt entries can be emailed to either or T-Shirt art should include the text "Mephit
Furmeet 5" or "MFM 5" "Memphis, TN". All entries are property of the Mid
South and Tennessee Anthropormorphic Arts Association. Contest ends August
1st, 2,001, all entries must be sent and in Mephit Furmeet's possesion by
July 23rd to ensure that all entries will be uploaded to the website in time
for voting. Entries must be in black and white (grayscale will not be
accepted). The content must not exceed a PG rating and be skunk themed. All
entries can be submitted to Kodian (please include a title for each entry).
Email entries should be 800x600 in size at 300dpi. Should you not have the
means to email your entry you can mail your entry to our Registration
mailing address. Contest winner is determined by popular vote on the furmeet
mailing list, The decision of the winning t-shirt entry is final. You may
keep your entry for use in your portfolio and promotions, provided that the
MST3A may use it in its own promotions.

MFM Chat List:

General chat for those interested in or attending MFM 2001 also for

Con Book Advertisements:

We do accept advertising in the con book, our current rates are $35 for a
full page $25 for a half page $15 for a quarter page Advertisements should
be in black & white, as that color doesn't convert well for printing. Ads
can be either emailed or sent by postal service. Payment would need to be
mailed to our registration address. Mephit Furmeet P.O. Box 3664 Champaign,
IL 61826. For more information contact Tyger Cowboy at:

Dealer's Tables:

Dealers tables are available at the following prices:
$10 for ? table, $15 for full table, $20 for full table and ?, $30 for
double table. To sign up for tables Payment would need to be mailed to our
registration address. Mephit Furmeet P.O. Box 3664 Champaign, IL 61826. For
more information contact Takaza J. Wolf at:

Charity Auction for Tiger Haven:

We will once again be having a charity auction for Tiger Haven This is our chance as Furries to do something good
and help animals that really need help. If you would like to help out with
the auction or would like to contribute something to the auction contact
Tyger Cowboy at

Con Book Story Submissions:

We will have room for a couple stories in this year's program. So if you
would like to submit a story to consideration, please send it to: Tahamaki

Like to do a panel?
MFM still has a few slots open for panels to be held during the Meet
weekend. If you would like to submit an idea for a panel you would like to
do, email a brief paragraph with your panel name and panel content to:

Air, Car, Hotel


UNIGLOBE Professional Travel as the "Official MFM Travel Agency", has
secured for the Mephit Fur Meet the following discounts, we will also be
happy to book travel for any of the attendees. Reservations can be made 8am
to 8pm Monday - Thursday, 8am to 6pm on Fri and 10am to 2pm on Sat. By
phone: 800-653-6524/314-962-3330 By fax: 314-962-6090 By email


The Official Mephit Fur Meet Hotel is the Holiday Inn Select Memphis
Airport. . The hotel is please to
offer a rate of $89 per night single/double/triple/quad occupancy for the
period of August 30th-September 4th. This year to avoid any confusion all
reservations must be made through UNIGLOBE Professional Travel to avoid
problems that arose last year. To make reservations I can be reached at
314-962-3330, 800-653-6524 or . All reservations must
me made through the office to get the MFM discount. The hotel offers a free
airport shuttle and is going to offer the reasonably priced buffets to the
MFM attendees like we had last year. Any questions about the hotel or
accommodations, I would be more than happy to answer!


National Rental Car Systems National will provide MFM attendees a minimum
discount of 5% for any rentals used for MFM. To book this discount they
should use the discount number of 5435776. National does not charge an
additional driver fee for spouses/domestic partners.


Northwest Airlines and Continental Airlines are the official airlines of
Mephit Fur Meet. To book your reservations, (internet bookings are not
eligible for the discount) call UNIGLOBE Professional Travel at 800-653-6524
or email at and you will receive a 5% discount off the
lowest applicable discount fare, including first class, or a 10% discount
off full fare unrestricted coach fares, purchased 7 days in advance. An
additional 5% discount will apply when tickets are purchased at least 60
days in advance of your travel date. Make sure you mention MFM when you book
your reservation.

For more information:

Kodian ( Chair, Dealer's Den )

Loxley ( Co-Chair )

Loran ( Co-Co-Chair, Event Organizer)

PandaGuy ( Fursuit Chair )

Tyger Cowboy (Hotel/Facilities coordinator)

Mailing Address: Mephit Furmeet P.O. Box 771803 Memphis, TN 38177-1803


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