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Giant Sea Creature baffles Chilean Scientists

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Chilean scientists were baffled on Tuesday by a huge, gelatinous sea creature found washed up on the southern Pacific coast and were seeking international help identifying the mystery specimen. Click here for the article on CNN News



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Hmm this sounds similar to an article I read in a book on Cyptozoology. A mass of a gelatinlike creature or such had washed up upon the Florida or Bahamas coast and they at first thought it was a giant squid as well but resulting tests at the time (this was something like the early 1900s) couldn't figure out what it was, they did take samples of it though and preserved them though even today they can't figure out what it was. The last I heard was they thought it was a giant octopus than a squid. After this there is the case of the Japanese fishing boat that pulled up a mass of decaying or gelatinous substance but they never took samples or brought it end because the captian of the boat threw it overboard because it stunk so bad. I do hope we can figure out what these creatures are, I mean the last I heard we still knew more about the moon than we did of the ocean below the sunlight zone (which would be about 85-90% of the ocean unexplored).


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Cetas, I believe that what you're talking about is is what Ivan Sanderson and Loren Coleman have referred to as 'Globsters'. Maybe they'll settle the whole thing this time.


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