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Rumours of Feral!'s Demise Untrue!

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What is it about the furry fandom that attracts us in the first place? For some it may be the love of role-playing, or of anthropomorphic art, or writing. For others it may be nothing more than finding friends around the neighbourhood, around the country, and around the world who share and understand their interests. Whatever the reason may be, at the very bottom there is a togetherness, a sense of belonging and of camaraderie that is hard to find in the mundane world.

For many, attending furry conventions is a wonderful way to personally meet new friends, or to renew acquaintances with old ones usually seen only through the cold glare of a computer text display. In either case, conventions can be moments of magic that are over far too soon.

Those who founded Feral! always noticed that, as fun and exhilarating as hotel cons are, there was still always something missing.

The missing piece of the puzzle was the very same thing that ancient man knew best. Sometimes to really discover and experience the most important parts of yourself, you have to be in contact with Nature. To walk under dark night skies, where the only lights are the moon and stars that you gaze at in timeless wonder and awe. To hear only the sounds of birds, animals, and the wind. To huddle around the warming fire, sharing music, song, and closeness, like tribal man once again.

To be feral of the spirit, and to live by talon, tooth and claw.

To register for Feral! 2003, and to learn more about the Feral! experience, please visit


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