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Feral! full of good, clean fun

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The deadline to register for Feral!, August 13, is fast approaching.

Click "Read more" for the full announcement.

Feral! is only 2 weeks away, and I have heard that there have been some... uh... "interesting" rumours about Feral! flying around in the past few weeks.

I've found where the rumours have started and taken care of that. But, regardless of how ridiculous the rumour, the suspicion of scandal lingers a long time on the internet! So in case it wasn't obvious, we assure you that Feral! is the same great Furry Con, full of all the same good clean fun!

Given that some furs may have hesitated to register or even withdrawn their registration due to these rumours, Feral! is going to allow registration to continue for another week! This means we will allow new registrations until August 13/2003, with payment due immediately upon registration... so don't wait, register now!

That said, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all furries to attend Feral! I think that our success in running a fun yet reputable Con for the past 5 years speaks for itself. If you are interested in attending, or just to see more ACTUAL OFFICIAL AUTHORIZED information, please go to our website at

And if that ain't enough, check out this new pic by Sudonym!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email me! My email address is always available on the Feral! website.

Hope to see you at Feral! Let's Take This Outside!

Branwyn aka Dan Desveaux,
Chairfur, Feral! Planning Committee.


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