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Further Confusion 2004 Newsletter - September 2003

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Further Confusion Newsletter September, 2003

In this issue:

The tiger crouched low in the short bush, dry and parched from the summer
drought, moving invisibly forward, only the twitching tip of
his tail giving away his location. Walking a few hundred feet behind, the
fox just shook his head. "You know, you'd hide a lot better if you kept
your tail down!"

With a slight growl, the tiger dropped his tail down, though was as hidden
as one would expect a white tiger to be in golden grasses, which is to say
not at all. "Hey," he growled softly, but in a voice deep enough to carry
over the distance. "I've barely touched my dried meat, with all the fresh
food I've caught."

"Yeah, and I can still smell the results of that skunk you went after.
Just don't forget, THAT'S why you are walking ahead of me!"

An incomprehensible reply came back from the cat, who had found another
small stream, and was bathing in it, trying valiantly to remove the smell.
The fox crouched low, his tails staying close to the ground, not giving
away his location, and after just a moment, a brief crunch announced that
he had found his meal on his own.

"You see, you're not the only one who can find your own food! I just
don't see the need to point it out every time." The fox worked his way to
the stream, drinking a bit, making sure he stayed upstream of
the tiger.

"I love the mountains," the tiger said, looking up from the water, "but
there's something about the plains which makes me want to just start
running, and keep going until I fall over from exhaustion. I'd just
stretch out, and bathe in the sun, then, until night falls. It's so
opened. Kind of like the deserts on the other side of the mountains, but
not quite so barren. At least we have the occasional streams here, so
it's not quite so dry."

The fox nodded as the tiger walked off into the plains. "San Jose, here
we come, ready or not."



For the second year, Further Confusion is planning a Party Floor for
attendees wanting to hold public parties. This is on the second floor
of the North wing, and all of the rooms open onto a large common
balcony which is excellent for gatherings, and even small impromptu
dances. Most of these rooms are still available, so if you are
interested in throwing a public party, make a normal hotel
reservation, then email your name and the reservation number to, asking to be assigned to a party floor.
Make sure to also include some information on the party you plan to
throw, since we hope to be able to help in promotion of parties held
in this area!

Similarly, there are a few suites left as well as rooms in the fursuit
wing. If you would like either of these, make a reservation with the
hotel, and, as before, mail your name and reservation number to, and we'll do our best to make things work


Have any art or stories you want to see in press, especially if they
go along with our "The Great Outdoors" theme? If so, we'd love to
hear from you, for the Further Confusion 2004 con book. The deadline
for submissions is December 1, and submissions should be sent to Stories can be in plain text, RTF, or
Word format, and graphics are preferred in GIF format, though are also
accepted in PNG, TIFF, or PSD formats. Please avoid JPG's, due to the
loss of quality.

Paper artwork or stories submitted in printed form can also be mailed
Further Confusion 2004 Con Book
PMB 236
105 Serra Way
Milpitas, CA 95035

Please DO NOT send originals! All submissions will be reviewed on the
basis of content and space available in the con book.


We're now taking reservations for space in the Further Confusion art
show, the largest in the furry fandom. To request an information
packet, please send email to, and we'll
get one in the mail to you right away. We're expecting a record
breaking show again this year, so don't delay!


Our online forums are up on the WWW page now, at

Please stop by and take a look, and let us know what you think. There are
a couple of surveys running now, which will affect the future of Further
Confusion planning, so we would love to hear your input there, especially.

Further Confusion


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