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FENEC: A New Furry Campout

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This just in from Doodles: "Announcing Fenec, a Furry Campout Planed for August 2004, sponsored by FENEC Adventures.

When: August 2004 (Running Four days Friday thru Monday, note exact dates are as yet unknown, due to the way the state books campsites)

Where: San Clemente State Beach

How Much: 35 Dollars Early Registration (before February 2004)

40 Dollars Pre-Registration (before July 2004).

55 at the Event.

For more information, or if you would like to register or Volunteer, Please visit our website or email"
In the upcoming months you will hear more from us as we announce more
information and events

Robert Johnson
Chairman FENEC Adventures

Dennis Carr
Co-Chairman FENEC Adventures

Dawn Britt
Co-Chairwoman FENEC Adventures

David Korsgen
Co-Chairman FENEC Adventures

Mark Merlino
Treasurer FENEC Adventures

Rod O'Reily
Programming Director FENEC Adventures

FENEC Adventures is a Umbrella Planning Organization for Anthropomorphic
and Furry events in Southern California


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