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Furry Weekend Atlanta 2004!

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Atlanta - it's more than just an airport!

Home of CNN, Coca-Cola, and now Furry Weekend Atlanta, which will be held on February 13-15, 2004, in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We will be featuring the talented LatinVixen as our guest of honor, and are planning tracks on various interests, two dances, costuming, comedy, gaming, and more fun than you can shake a stick at!


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Thats three weeks after Further Confusion, a major national con draw...not the best timing especially if you want to attract dealers and artists.

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Not to knock FC in any way, but ... it's on the west coast. I'm on the east coast. That means I'd have to spend lots of $$$ to get to one of the most expensive places to fly into (SJC) on the west coast (even the Southwest fare is over $500). That doesn't even include 4 nights hotel, transfers from airport, con registration, food, spending money, etc. I'd be looking at over $1,000 less than a month after Christmas, when I spent all my money on gifts. It's also four days. While this would be great during the summer, falling right at the beginning of the semester...

The economics of going to FC simply don't work for poor east-coast college students. Atlanta is within driving distance. It's at a holiday inn which means it can't be too expensive. Its shorter so I won't have to take extra time off class.

If all things were equal I'd go to FC because it's a bigger con, but being that I'm poor and in school I think Atlanta will be the best I can do.


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We considered this when planning Furry Weekend Atlanta. The problem is that we simply ran out of dates that were viable and this was the best we could do that would disappoint the least amount of people. A lot of people on the east-coast simply don't have the funds to go to California.

Besides, this isn't exactly the first time two conventions have been held close together. Conifer NW and Mephit Furmeet are seperated by about the same amount of time and both drew large crowds this year. We think there are now enough furs to go around. :)

Kiran Lightpaw
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2004!
"Per ardua ad astra."

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We put FWA on the links page on the RCFM website. :D

One thing you might want to consider, a large number of furs from Huntsville, AL take a 4 hour journey west to get to MFM over labor day weekend. If you can get their interest going, they'd be just as likely to take a 4 hr drive East to get to Atlanta.

Just something to consider. ;)

Rocket City FurMeet

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