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FC2004 Newsletter - October Edition

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In this issue:
* Hotel Update
* Events Update
* Gaming Information
* FurCon TV
As the fox awoke from his slumber, he found the tiger sitting alone,
atop a small hill to the west of their camp. The sun, just rising
behind them, illuminated the in its orange light.

"We're almost there," the tiger spoke softly, as the fox walked up
behind him. "All this time traveling, all the progress we've made,
yet is seems like just a few weeks ago we started along this trip.
Our goal is in sight now, though, and it's hard to believe we're
already this close."

"We have a long way to go yet, though, the fox spoke knowingly."

"Yeah, but we've got a lot of help. Look around us. We're not alone.
I see a leopard and another fox over there, struggling with some
cables of some sort. There's a unicorn and a bunny over there,
struggling with maps and schedules, The gryphon seems to be
preoccupied with his portable computer, and we've even got a dragon
over there counting his gold. They're as important to this trip as we
are. No, we're just walking along. They are the ones making sure the
path stays clear for us."

"And somehow you managed to miss all of them when you were out
hunting," the fox added, slyly.

The tiger smiled back, perhaps showing a few too many teeth. "Of

"I've always liked these hills. You forget how close you are to the
city, when you make it out here," the fox said, changing the subject.

"Yeah, but you also forget how far away you still are. It's been a
long trip so far, but it's certainly not over yet. It's hard at
times, but there's gonna be over a thousand other critters there,
waiting for us. We can't let them down."

The fox nodded to the tiger. "They're expecting something great, you

The tiger smiled again, this time without any threat. "Of course."



It's down to that time of the year where it's time for everyone to
start making their final hotel and airline reservations, so there are
a couple of things we'd like to remind everyone about...

First, at last count, we're down to two suites left in the hotel. If
you want a suite, don't wait! Make a reservation for a normal room
online, or by telephone, and email with
your reservation number and the name it's reserved under, and Dave,
our magical HotelFox will perform the secret and mysterious spell of
turning the reservation into a suite. Also, if you want a room on the
fursuit floor, do the very same thing; these rooms are starting to
fill up also.

We have a party floor again this year, and are encouraging people to
hold public parties at the con. The rooms on the party floor are the
same price as normal rooms, but feature access to a large common
balcony which makes a wonderful place for people to lounge around
during parties. If you are interested in throwing a party at the con,
also drop a line to, and let us know you
would like a room down there and what sort of party you would like to



Further Confusion is known for its deep and extensive programming
track. We're proud to again have the most scheduled events of any
furry convention, and to be among the top of all conventions in terms
of our programming. We'll be running from Thursday afternoon until
Monday evening again this year, with even more Monday programming this
year, so make sure to stay all weekend so you don't miss a thing!

We love animation. Further Confusion is proud to sponsor a world
opening for three pieces of animation from three different furry
artists: Timothy Albee, Christina "Smudge" Hanson, and Samantha

We love music. Our guest of honor, Heather Alexander, will give a
live concert. In addition, two more singers and songwriters, Dr. Jane
Robinson and Cynthia McQuillin will also give a rare, live concert.
We'll have a filk room open at night for you to contribute your songs,

We love gaming. WizKids is throwing eight tournaments, and we'll have
our gaming room and electronic gaming rooms open through the whole
convention. Further, Susan van Camp will be back with Dragonstorm!

We love furry fandom. We're proud to be part of the Ursa Major Awards
cycle. Our convention will be the first chance to vote for 2003's
best furry artists, writers, and publishers!

Of course, our best events will also come back. We'll have the Iron
Artist, Masquerade, Furry Variety Show, and Desserts to Die For.
We'll have panels for artists, writers, and fursuiters. We look
forward to seeing you there!

And don't forget, the Furry Variety Show needs acts! We're looking
for any furry-related acts, not just fursuiters. If you're
interested, write us at "".



Come one, come all! Enjoy the great indoors by 'camping out' in
Gaming at the San Simeon room. Gaming is 24 hours a day: open from
Thursday evening until Monday afternoon, with open-gaming outside at
the hallway tables, too. So if you have the odd hour, or a desire to
camp at a table full time, there will be a place for you in Gaming!

At present, we have the following tournament schedule:

. Heroclix tournament 8pm - 12 midnight
. Also Susan Van Camp will be running a Dragonstorm game, 8pm to
midnight (sign-ups at her table in the Dealers' room)

. Cheapass demos noon to 8pm
. Mechwarrior tourney 10am - 2pm
. Heroclix tournament 3pm - 7pm
. and Susan Van Camp running a Dragonstorm game, 8pm to midnight
(sign-ups at her table in the Dealers' room)

. Mechwarrior tourney 10am - 2pm
. Heroclix tournament 3pm - 7pm

. Mage Knight tourney 10am - 2pm
. Heroclix tournament 12noon - 4pm

Plus, there will also be drawings every 3 hours (9am till 6pm) for a
prize, every day of the convention. You MUST be physically present at
the time of the drawing to win. Otherwise wild animals eat your entry
and another ticket is drawn.



Further Confusion Television still needs submissions!

Any original content that you have created, filmed, or edited together
that relates to furry fandom. This includes original animations, video
productions, skits, comedy acts, fursuit events, even commercials for
your furry convention. As long as the content is furry related, we
would love to show it on FCTV. We are also hoping to contact those
people that can give us permission to show con videos from Anthrocon,
Midwest Furfest, ConFurence, Mephit Fur Meet, Canadian Art Expo, Feral
and any other furry con that has videos of their cons.

If you want to submit something to us, please send only copies of the
videos, we may not be able to return the videos to you. We are also
accepting digital files in DiVX, Windows Media 9 AVI format, and
QuickTime. We are currently working on submissions guidelines for
digital files as well as the requirements for those files, which will
all be on-line shortly. There will also be a permission form that you
must fill out in order for us to show anything.

Remember, all content submitted to us must be of a PG rating
requirement and must have a permission form submitted with the
video. It must be suitable for everyone in the hotel who may be

Please direct any and all questions regarding FCTV this year to

Thanks everyone, and we all look forward to seeing you in January!

The Further Confusion 2004 staff.


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