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FC2004 Newsletter - November 2003

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In this issue:
- Hotel News
- Travel Assistance Fund
- FC at Midwest FurFest
- Dealers' Room News
- Art Show News
- Call for Artwork & Stories for the Con Book
- Events News
- Note from the Chair-critter
As the sun rose high in the sky, the five-tailed fox sat along atop the hill, looking down at the valley opening up below him. Behind him, in the little stream running through the hills, the sounds of the tiger splashing around in the water broke the silence. "You act like you've never seen water before," the fox called back to his feline friend.

"Come on in," the tiger called back, "the water's great! Wonderfully chilled, this late in the season! It will be even better as we hike out in January, back through the mountains. It's invigorating, with the water just above freezing!"

"I'll take your word for it," the fox answered.

"Not a fan of ice cold water baths?"

The fox just shook his head. "Who is?" Before the words were fully out of his mouth, the still soaking tiger leaped upon him, pinning him to the ground.

"Now you're all wet, too!"

"Yes," the fox said coldly, "yes I am."

"And muddy!"

"Thanks for pointing that out. I would have never noticed on my own."

In a bound, the tiger leapt back towards the stream. "You know, there are fishies in this stream," he called back to the fox.

"Ah, I knew food had to be involved in this somehow."

"Hey, I'm a growing cat! Time to put on my winter coat and other insulation for the cold months ahead!"

"Insulation, huh? In other words, you're getting fat."

"Hey!" the tiger called, from his little pool in the stream. "I'm not fat! I'm fluffy!" Returning to his perch next to the fox, the tiger sighed a bit. "About time to hit the trail again. I think we can watch the scenery for a the rest of the day, though."

The fox nodded.



We remain the only con in the furry fandom making the special effort to house folks with costumes together on a low floor to minimize their elevator waits. We have now filled the entire space we allocated to the costumers. We're doing our best to get the remaining requests placed near the area we set aside, but the fursuit floor is now full.

We've also sold out of suites in the hotel now. If you are interested in a suite still, do let us know, and we'll get back to you if one frees up, but, as it stands now, they are all gone as well.

We've got plenty of regular rooms left, though, and it's time for all of you to who are coming out to make sure and make your room reservations! You can make your reservation online, by following the hotel link found on, or by calling the hotel directly at 1-408-453-4000. Oh, and while you are at it, make sure to stay for Monday this year; we have lots of additional programming scheduled for Monday, but we'll talk more about that later...



As usual, Further Confusion will be providing travel assistance to a few deserving attendees. Take a look at for a list of the folks who have requested help in making our fine convention. If you are a patron or sponsor and would like to dedicate a portion of your extra contribution to a particular person on the list, just mail us at We'll be making the final decision on who will be getting travel assistance late in November.



As usual, we'll be in attendance at Midwest FurFest next month in the dealers' room! If you're making it out to the Windy City to visit MFF, make sure to stop by our table. We'll have DVDs on sale again, for a special price, as well as memberships and other Further Confusion goodies!



The dealers' room is still sold out, and we are no longer accepting requests to go on the waiting list. However, we do have a new option for folks wanting to get tables but didn't get into the dealers' room. Just outside of the dealers' room area we are setting aside twenty 4-foot tables as the Further Confusion Market Square. These spaces will cost $40 plus membership, and are subject to all rules of the dealers' room, including California Sales Permit requirements.

Because these tables are located in a common area of the hotel instead of inside a room, we have to make some additional restrictions in
this area. First, dealers will need to remove any items of value from their tables when they leave for the evening, as there will be no security in the area overnight. Second, and more important, you may not display or sell "adult" materials in this area, since non-convention attendees could be present in the area. This will be strictly enforced.

Spaces will be offered to those on the dealers' room waiting list first, then will open up to anyone else who is interested in a space in this area. If you are on the waiting list, expect to get a mail message from the dealers' room staff soon. If you aren't, but are interested in a space in the Market Square, drop a mail message to



The biggest art show in the furry fandom still has space for 2004! Forms are available online at, or may be mailed out by sending an email message to We expect this show to sell out, so don't wait, and get your reservations in soon! If you won't be attending the convention, you can still get art in the art show with our mail in option.

As usual, we'll be taking a 10% commission of all art show sales, and, for the first time, we are giving artists the option of dedicating an
additional 10% of their return towards our charities this year: The Exotic Feline Breeding Center and Great Bears of the Bay. If you are an artist, you will be able to write this donation off of your taxes. This donation is completely optional, and artists can choose which, if any, of their pieces include charity contributions. Finally, for the first time, we're going to attempt post-auction sales of art which doesn't sell in the main art show on Monday.



The deadlines for the conbook and the membership badge inserts is coming up
fast! As always, the conbook is looking for artwork or fiction to fill our pages, with a deadline of December 1 for submissions. Send mail to for more information on conbook submissions.

Further Confusion is currently seeking artwork submissions for the 2004 membership badge inserts.

Both color and black&white artwork will be accepted, and will first be screened on the following three points:

Size: Art must scale to be printed at 2" tall by 4" wide.
Theme: Art must accurately reflect the theme of the con, The Great Outdoors. Age appropriateness: The art must be suitable for viewing by children. This includes no violence, no drugs/alcohol, and no sexuality.

Art which meets these criteria will then be judged on overall 'look and feel'. Artists may submit multiple designs and acceptance of one design will not affect consideration of other submissions. All qualifying submissions will be seriously considered, and 6 designs will be chosen. The submission deadline is DECEMBER 15, 2003, and artists will be notified by JANUARY 1, 2004 as to whether or not their submissions have been chosen.

Artists submitting images should be aware that there is no payment for badge art chosen, and the artist gives Further Confusion the right to reproduce the image as badge art for FC2004. The artist will be credited on the art insert and will retain all other copyrights and reproduction rights beyond the above.

Submission technical specs: We prefer JPEG format at best possible quality compression, at 300 DPI. An 8" by 4" original scanned at 300DPI gives us a good file to work with. The badge itself is a 3" tall by 4" wide plastic badge holder with the registration/official information on a sticker obscuring the bottom 1" of the the badge.

Submissions should be emailed to,
with a subject line of 'Badge Art Submission'. In the email body please specify how you wish to be credited should your art be chosen.



Don't miss out on a quarter of the convention: We'll be running events at full steam from Friday morning until we close down, Monday afternoon. (Come Thursday night for our Opening Ceremonies, too!)

Our writing and fursuiting tracks have over 25 events each, Our art track will bring you lots of hands-on practice. Our gaming track has a dozen competitions. As usual, we'll bring in live animals to sketch,

But we know how to have fun, too. On Friday, we'll have musicians Heather Alexander (one of our guests of honor this year!), Dr. Jane, and Cynthia. On Sunday night, a new metal band, Insubordinate, will rock the convention.
We'll have dances every night. We'll throw the Critterlympics, have both a Masquerade and a Furry Variety Show, and have plenty to do through the day and night.

We have a lot, but we still need you. If you want to put on an event, contact us at '' with what the event will be about, and who wants to be running it. We can still fit you in!

Our schedule will be up with the December newsletter. Watch for it.



It's hard to believe we're just a few short months away from Further Confusion 2004. It seems like just yesterday, we had our first staff meeting leading up to next year's convention, but when I look at everything the staff has gotten done over the past half year or so, I am amazed. I've seen the draft of the schedule of events, and he has nearly one hundred fifty events on the schedule! This is, without question, a record for us, as well as for any furry convention ever held. Heck, we're coming close to WorldCon levels of programming now!

I also challenged the art show staff to come up with a way to provide post-show sales without sacrificing any of the safety we provide for the art in the show. They've come up with a plan to do just that, and it looks like the art show is going to be better than ever! We've broken our records every year so far, and don't see any reason this year would be any different.

We're getting close, folks, and I really look forward to seeing you all in January. If you have any questions or comments about the convention, please don't hesitate to contact us via the forums on, or via email to

Further Confusion


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