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Further Confusion 2004 - December Newsletter

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* Registration Deadline
* Hotel Reservations
* Events Schedule posted
* AAE gets permanent 501(c)3 status
* Travel Assistance funds awarded
* Art show panels going fast
* Patron goodies
* Party floor
* Fursuit badgesThe fox awoke slowly, as the sun rose over the mountains to the east.
The tiger's face hovered just inches above his own, with what was
probably a friendly grin, even if the fox did get perhaps too good of
a look at his friend's teeth.

"Yes?" the fox asked placidly.

"I can see it from here!"

"Pardon?" This early in the morning, non-sequitors didn't settle well
with the fox. "What can you see?"

"The meeting place! It's right over there!"

The fox stood up, pushing the tiger out of the way. "Yeah, I guess
you can start to make it out now, can't you? We're not there yet,

The tiger nodded. "I can see it from here, but it still feels like
there is so far to go." The tiger paused a moment, as if thinking.
"Christmas is almost here, also!"

"You just now realized that?" the fox asked sarcastically.

"I've been too preoccupied with the trip to even think of that. It's
going to slow us down, isn't it?"

The fox nodded. "Yeah. It always does. Once Christmas is past, it's
going to seem like we get to the meeting before we know it."

"There's going to be bands there, you know?" the tiger asked, slightly
changing the subject.

"Four of them now, if I remember correctly," the fox answered.

"And animations, and weird costumes, and even weirder art!"

"Now don't call it weird," the fox interrupted, "you'll upset people
that way."

"You say that like 'weird' is a bad thing," the tiger answered. "I
mean, look at me! My weirdness is the best part of me!"

"Well, I can't argue with that," the fox agreed.

The tiger grinned, again baring as many teeth as possible in the act.
"If it wasn't for this little bit of weirdness, we wouldn't be here at
all. Just remember that."

"Very true, my friend, very true."



If you haven't made your reservations for Further Confusion 2004 yet,
time is running short. The deadline for mail-in reservations is
December 31, just a few short weeks away! We'll take online
reservations at until January 10, but after
that, you'll be stuck paying the full $50 rate at the door.

If you'll only be at Further Confusion for a single day, you can
purchase a one day pass at the door. No one-day passes will be sold
in advance. The prices for single day passes is listed below:

Thursday Only: $20
Friday Only : $25
Saturday Only: $35
Sunday Only : $35
Monday Only : $20

If you have registered for the convention, and plan to send in a check
to pay for your registration, note that we must receive your payment
before the Jan 1 mail in registration deadline, or you will be
required to pay the full price at the door. If you are not sure if
you have paid yet or not, send mail to



If you haven't made your hotel reservations yet, now is the time to
do so! We still have plenty of rooms available, but rooms with two
beds are going fast! Don't wait any longer to get your reservations,
or you might just miss out! We've made hotel reservations especially
easy this year, with online hotel reservations, also available at Don't wait, though; our special rate
expires on January 8, and we can't promise how much you'll have to
pay after that date!



That's right! We have posted a first draft of the Further Confusion
2004 schedule on our website at !
Please take a look, and see all we have planned for you this year, but
do remember, this schedule is a work in progress, and will certainly
change between now an the convention. As we say in the staff
meetings, the final, FINAL schedule will be posted sometime around one
week after the end of the convention. We do expect the schedule to
settle into something resembling its final state around the first week
of January, though, so keep an eye opened.



Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc., the parent corporation of
Further Confusion, has just been awarded their permanent status as a
charitable non-profit 501(c)3 corporation by the United States
Internal Revenue Service. We are now one of very few conventions in
any fandom which is recognized as a charity for the purposes of the
IRS, which means any donations you make to Further Confusion or AAE
are fully tax deductible. We have been recognized as a 501(c)3
corporation since out inception, under a temporary permit, and this
ensures that we will be able to continue to operate as a non-profit
entity for the foreseeable future.



We're pleased to announce the recipients of this year's travel
assistance program. Tim Albee, 2 (the Ranting Gryphon), SK-1, and
Vespa are the recipients of the 2004 travel assistance program funds.
Unfortunately, we've received word that Mr. Albee will be unable to
attend Further Confusion this year, but we look forward to Two's,
Vespa's, and SK's presence at the convention.



Panels in the art show are going fast, and we expect to sell out
within the next few weeks! If you want to put art into our
record-breaking art show, make sure to get your application in as soon
as possible. Registration forms and other information are available
at or by sending electronic mail to

We are also making changes to our charity auction this year. Instead
of holding a separate charity auction, we'll have a few select,
high-value items to auction off during the break between the two
sections of the art auction. We are also giving each of the artists
in the art auction the option of contributing a fraction of their
proceeds from the show to our charities this year: The Exotic Feline
Breeding Center, and the Bay Area Bears (a chapter of the Good Bears
of the World)



For those of you who will be attending as patrons, we're offering a
GoH luncheon for the patrons for the first time this year. I've had a
chance to see the menu the hotel has come up with for us, and, while
the details are still being finalized, it looks like it should be a
wonderful experience for everyone. On top of that, we're in the
process of making the final purchases of the "goodies" we'll be
handing out to patrons and sponsors, which will include the Further
Confusion Outdoor Survival Pack for patrons!



We've had quite a few people contact us this year about rooms on the
party floor, and we're hoping to have a lively collection of parties
there this year! If you're planning a public room party and haven't
contacted us yet, please drop a line to
We can't promise we'll be able to get you a room on the party floor
now, but we'll do what we can. We're also planning to help advertise
parties in the con newsletter and other places, so if you have a
public party, it's definitely to your advantage to let us know about



Remember those nifty FC Fursuit and Costume Badges? Well, Further
Confusion's continuing the tradition for 2004. For those unfamiliar
with fursuit/costume badges: this badge is a collectable hard card
badge for a fursuit, bearing only the costume name, costumne picture,
and badge number, allowing a costumer to go around the con in
'persona' and still have access to con function space. The badge is
ONLY valid when worn with the fursuit/costume.

Pictures for these badges will be taken on Friday and Saturday of the
con (1/23/04 and 1/24/04) by APPOINTMENT ONLY, and an appointment
sheet will be available at Registration. The first fursuit badge per
standard membership is free, and $5 per badge thereafter. Reminder:
Like a regular con badge, a fursuit badge is only valid for the year
it was issued. Badges from previous years will not gain you admittance
to any of this year's convention functions.

But there's MORE: You can _pre-register_ for a fursuit badge!

Once you have pre-registered for Further Confusion, between then and
January 15, 2004 send a picture of your costume to and include the following
information in the email:

* Your real name
* The fursuit name
* Your registration confirmation number (if you have it)

Technical requirements: Any picture-type file @ 300dpi with a useable
area of 450 by 600 pixels. PLEASE name the image with your fursuit's
name. If you wish to pre-register multiple costumes/fursuits, payment
for the additional badges will be collected at con, and pre-registered
fursuit badges will be available after 6pm Thursday (1/22/04).

Further Confusion


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