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Legacy Animation closed

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Legacy Animation, the hand drawn animation studio that opened from refugees of Disney Feature Animation Florida's closing, has shut thier doors. Reasons are currently scarce, but the following quote from Eddie Pittman says it all:

"To set the record straight, Legacy is in fact finished. I wish I could tell everyone more, but, for obvious reasons, I'm just not able to at this time. It was a wild ride and I think Lucky [Legacy's initially proposed short film] is a fantastic project that would have been well worth the effort. We had a lot of amazing people who were ready to jump into the production with both feet but it wasn't to be. I wish the best of luck to Firefly. Perhaps they will have better success"

Their website at is already offline. More information can be found at Animated And Project Firefly, the remaining studio left of Disney refugees, can be found at:


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All there appears to be at the Project Firefly site is a blank page.

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