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FC 2005 May Newsletter

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Further Confusion 2005: Furs of the Nile
January 13-17, 2005 - San Jose, CA

May 2004 Newsletter

1. Guests of Honor Announcement
2. Further Confusion Theme Announcement
3. BayCon party
4. Hotel Block Open
5. Online Registration Open
6. FC2005 Dealer's Room and Market Place News
7. Meeting Dates
1. Guests of Honor

Further Confusion wishes to announce its first two Guests of Honor.
Firstly, we have the honor of having noted Science Fiction writer Alan
Dean Foster. As many of you know, he is the author of the well known
Spellsinger series. Alan is also well known for writing the novelization
of many science fiction movies such as, The Last Starfighter, Aliens, and
is currently working on The Chronicles of Riddick. He is also well known
for his CommonWealth series of books featuring the noted characters Flinx
and his Alaspinian minidrag, Pip. Alan joins our long line of noted
science fiction writers such as our previous Guest of Honor, Larry Niven,
Karen Anderson, and David Brin. (

Our second Guest of Honor is Walter Crane who is the author and artist of
"Sheba" ( - a comic about the life (and
afterlife) of an Egyptian Cat. Walter is an accomplished illustrator and
animator who has worked with Oliver Jar Studios, Looking Glass Studios,
and other groups in the Boston Animation field.

2. Further Confusion Theme

This year's theme is "Furs of the Nile", so break out your best looking
calasiris and prepare for the great celebration of Amun and all of his
children (look it up).

3. BayCon Party

Further Confusion will be having a room party both Friday May 28th and
Saturday May 29th nights at 7pm at BayCon. BayCon takes place between May
28th though the 30th and is located at the San Jose Double Tree in San
Jose (same hotel as Further Confusion) look for us to also have a fan-table
at Baycon as well. There will be a $20 night time badge that you will have
to purchase in order to attend the convention that night, but that badge
will also get you into all the other Baycon parties and events that night
as well. Furthermore, the receipt for the night badge will serve as a $20
discount on the $35 single day pass for BayCon on Saturday.

4. Hotel Block is now open.

Yes, you can now start to reserve your rooms for Further Confusion. You
can call the hotel directly at +1 408-453-4000. If you do call the San
Jose Double Tree directly, please give them the code FURCON so you can
get the discounted room rate. You can also point your web browser to:
and use our new on-line hotel registration system. More information on
registration can be found at:

5. On-Line Registration is Open

You can now also register for Further Confusion using our on-line web
based registration system. Point your browsers over to: On Line
Pre-registration is currently $40 for all five days of Further

6. Dealer's Room is Sold Out

Our Dealer's room is completely sold out once again. If you want to be
placed on our waiting list, please email

6.1. Market Square is still Open

Last year was our first year trying out our new Market Square tables and
we are pleased to announce that it will be back. Market Square tables
are 4 foot tables that are placed outside of the main dealer's room in
the Bayshore foyer and are for those of you who do not need a full size
table. Please check our rules in regards to what you can and can not
sell at Market Square Tables.
Also, Market Square Tables are only $45 and they will selling after
August 1st, 2004.

7. Next Public Meeting

Our next public Further Confusion meetings will be May 17th and then
June 19th at noon at the Double Tree Hotel in San Jose, California. So
if you are in the area and want to help out with Further Confusion,
please drop by. We also have a number of open staff positions that we
are still trying to fill.

Further Confusion


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