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Counting Crows Video

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Attention Furries! Keep an eye out for the new Counting Crows video "Accidentally in Love" the video features a CG anthro rabbit that looks suspiciously like the lead singer, Adam Duritz. It's a cute video, and a must-see for all furry fans



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Which, incidently, you can find at iFilm here.

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would be nice if i had the newest of the new of computers to actually watch it..... i hate sites like that...

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It's an inside joke to Counting Crows fans. The lead singer did a halloween concert dressed as a rabbit.

Also, I think he has done it multiple times. :OD

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Well, I can't help you with your computer problems =:) But, if you'd just like a simple link to download the file, here it is:
Direct link to 7.5 MB .mov file

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Ah, that was exactly the link I spent an hour looking for on the iFilm site yesterday, but couldn't find. Thank you! =:)

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yay! Thanks a bunch, I've been looking for this everywhere! :)

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