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FC2005 - August Newsletter

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1. Annual Further Confusion Picnic and BBQ
2. Charitable Beneficiaries accounted
3. Fursuit Floor requests are open
4. Party Floor requests are open
5. "I've got this great idea for a panel!"
6. First Annual Further Confusion Writer's Workshop
7. Conbook submissions.
8. The Marketplace
9. FC2004 DVD now on sale1. Annual Further Confusion Picnic and BBQ

It's time again for the annual Further Confusion summer picnic! We're
back at Lake Chabot again for camping (at the nearby Anthony Chabot
campsites) and picnicking. We're holding the picnic on Saturday, August 7,
from 11a.m. until 4p.m., and camping will be on Friday and Saturday
nights. For those people camping, we are asking $5 per night, per person
to offset the costs of the campsites, and you must RSVP for the camping
part of the trip (send email to

The picnic is free and open to all - no RSVP required!

As usual, we'll stock the grills with coals, hamburgers, hot dogs, and
similar foods, along with water, soda, chips, and the like. More food
is always welcomed, though, as are folks to help out in setting up,
cleaning, and otherwise making the picnic happen. Our next staff
meeting is on July 17, so if you are interested in the planning for the
picnic, just show up to the hotel at noon, and we'll find some way to
put you to work!

Once again, we'll be at the 'Turtle' site at Lake Chabot, and will meet
there at 11 am. There will be a tent there for people to changing into
costumes, as well as the usual BBQ fare. We'll have the FC 2004 DVD's on
sale there at a new low $10 price, and this will be your last chance to
get the $35 price for membership to Further Confusion 2005. We'll also
raid the storage locker, so we can sell old T-shirts and other stuff from
there, the proceeds going to help make FC2005 happen.

To get to Lake Chabot, The East Bay Regional Parks District website
( contains maps of the park,
directions and other information for visitors. There is a parking fee of
$4/vehicle, which is waived for members of EBRPD. Dogs are allowed, but
there is a $1 "dog fee". Basic directions to get to the park are listed
below. We are in the Turtle picnic site, which is close by the parking

For more detailed directions, see the page for the FC Picnic and BBQ at

2. Charitable Beneficiaries announced.

FC 2005 is proud to announce that the charitable beneficiaries for the
convention are;
Therapy Pets, and Friends of Lulu.

Please help us welcome them to our con.

3. Fursuit Floor requests are open.

If you want to have a room on the Fursuit floor, First you have to make a
reservation with the hotel and they will give an reservation number. Get
that number with your Fursuit Room request and email them to

4. Party Floor requests are open.

Also, if you want to have a public party during Further Confusion, you may
request an room on the party floor. The only requirement is that you have
a public party during the con that anyone may attend. The process is the
same for getting a fursuit room. First you have to make a reservation with
the hotel and they will give a reservation number. That number and
request should go to and should included a
description of the party and which night(s) you wish to have the party

5. "I've got this great idea for a panel!"

Do you have an idea for a panel? Are there panels and events you want to
see at Further Confusion? Send us your ideas! Submissions for events and
panel should go to with a short description of
the panel or event you wish to see or do.

6. First Annual Further Confusion Writer's Workshop

Are you interested in improving your writing skills? Join us for our
writer's workshop! The first day, authors will be writing a short story
based on this year's theme, "Furries of the Nile". The second day, we will
have a round-table discussion of each story to help the author improve it.
The best story swill be published in Further Confusion's at-con
newsletter, The Furly Edition.

7. Conbook submissions.

We are now taking submissions for the FC 2005 con book. Art for the con
book must be B/W or grayscale artwork scanned at 300 DPI or higher.
Please do NOT send us original art as we may not be able to return it
to you. If you need help or have any questions in regards to submitting
art, please email More details on how to
upload your art as well as tips to help you get the best quality of
your artwork will be in our next newsletter.

8. The Marketplace

Our dealer's room continues to be sold out this year, however the Furry
Market Place is now open. We will making four-foot table spaces available
for $45 for the weekend. For the detailed rules about the Furry
Marketplace, please see:

9. FC2004 DVD now on sale

The FC2004, The Great Outdoors DVD is now for sale on the con-store
site for only $10! It has over two hours of FC2004 footage, all three
Late Night show interviews, a Heather Alexander performance and over
1,000 fursuit photos.

Further Confusion


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