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Feral! 2005 - Join the Tribe

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Feral!, furry fandom's premier summer camp, is returning to Camp Arowhon after a successful year in 2004! Entering its 8th year, Feral! is excited to announce the dates for next year: August 27th to 31st. Also, the first Guest of Honour has been announced, and it will be 2, The Ranting Gryphon!Camp Arowhon, one of Canada's oldest summer camps, was so happy with the 2004 crew that they opened up a slot for us to return to the beautiful site for another year. There, furries were able to windsurf, sail, canoe, and kayak on a beautiful lake. There was also wall climbing, archery, and the Predator versus Prey game! As well, returning next year, will be the Capture the Flag game that swept the camp by has new rules, and has to be played to be believed!

All news updates will be available on the website,, and on the main page you can also find information on joining the Feral! mailing list as well as contact information if you have any questions! All general inquiries should be sent to

2004 was great! 2005 will be better. Join the tribe, come to Feral!!

Chair - Feral! 2005


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