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FC 2005 November Newsletter

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1. Artshow panels going fast
2. Hotel Deadlines for Fursuit, Party Floors and Parlor Suites
3. Con book Submissions
4. Travel Assistance
5. Furry Market Place spaces deadline
6. Masquerade
7. Furry Variety Show - 'Furry Night Live!'
8. Events Announcements
9. Pre-registration deadline is coming up
10. FCTV1. Artshow panels going fast

If you have not gotten a space in our art show, we suggest that you wait
no longer. We are quickly selling out of available panels.

2. Hotel Deadlines for Fursuit, Party Floors and Parlor Suites

Our room block is also filling up rapidly, so be sure to book your hotel
rooms soon! We actually came very near our limit for the Sunday night of
the convention the other week, which did lead to a few people having
difficulty in booking double queen rooms for the days of the con. If you
were told that the room block was full, we suggest that you try booking
again now since we have extended our room block with the hotel, and more
rooms are available. Still, double queen rooms always run out first, so
book soon if you need one of these!

The con still has a small number of parlor suites available. These are
approximately twice the size of the usual rooms, and you can upgrade your
standard room to one of these by sending email to
hotel;@</i> with your confirmation number, name and
request. The cost is $225 per night, and all the suites are on the 9th
and 10th floors. If you want to see what you're getting for your money, go
to and take a look.

Requests for rooms on the party floor are still open until December 1st.
If you would like a room there, you go about this in the same way as
booking a suite. Send your confirmation number, name and that you would
like a room on the party floor to hotel;@</i> You must
hold a public party (ie, not invite only) for at least one night during
the convention. Please send a short description of your party along with
your request. The party floor is on the second floor, and all rooms have
access to the wide balcony behind the hotel.

Fursuit floor requests need to be in by December 18th! We try our best to
keep fursuiters together and on the lower floors of the hotel so that they
can gain access to the convention more easily. As always, this floor fills
up quickly, and once it is filled we will have to stop taking any more
requests. If you are a fursuiter and want to be on this floor, don't leave
this until the last minute! It's strictly first-come, first-served. As
with all hotel requests, send your request along with your name and
confirmation number to hotel;@</i>

3. Con book Submissions

The deadline for the Further Confusion Convention book is December 3rd,
and we are accepting black & white artwork and photographs, stories, and
any other related con book material. We can accept material in
TIFF, EPS and PDF formats. If you have a JPEG file, please try to send
it to us at the highest resolution possible. Artwork can be either
8.5"x11", 8.5"x5.5", or 4.25"x5.5" in size. Black & white images should be
submitted in at least 300DPI or higher. PDF files should be created at the
'High Quality' setting. Stories may be in either Rich Text (RTF) or DOC
format. If you are submitting a story, please include your name in the
story file so we are able to properly credit you.
Quality setting.

Also, please name files that you provide to us something logical, so
that we know who they were submitted by. For example, a piece done by
Joe Public could be named jpublic-temple_of_sobek.tiff.

We do have an upload site for images that are too large to send to us
by email. By 'too large', we mean larger than 5MB in size. Please send
submissions and questions to This is
also where to ask about details for the upload site.

Our Convention Book guidelines are posted in full detail on our
website, as well as templates that you can use for Illustrator and
Photoshop. This page is located at

4. Travel Assistance

For those of you who wish to be listed on our Travel Assistance page,
please send an email to info;@</i> by November 12th. For
more information about our travel assistance program, please see

If you would like to donate money to the travel assistance funds,
information on how to do this is also on the travel assistance page.

Those who will receive donations for travel assistance will be contacted
on December 7th.

5. Furry Market Place spaces deadline

The deadline to reserve a space in the Furry Market Place is coming up
fast, and spaces are going quickly. The hard and fast deadline for getting
a space in our Furry Market Place area (outside the Dealers' Room proper)
is December 1st or when we run out of spaces - whichever is sooner. Our
Furry Market Place is available for those of you who wish to sell art and
merchandise that is PG rated and can be easily packed up at the end of the
day (since the tables will are in the hallway and will not be secured in
the evening). Each of the spaces is a 4ft length of a table, and costs

6. Masquerade

The Masquerade is now open for entries. Our Masquerade is a judged
event with three categories: Novice, Journeyman and Master.

- Novice class is for new people and requires that you have never
been in a judged event before.
- Journeyman is for those who have one at least one award in a judged
event before.
- The Master category is for those that have won Best of Show, Best
of Class, or other such titles in events before.

Entrants may compete in categories above that which they must be in,
but may not compete in categories lower. For example, someone who is
presenting for the first time anywhere could compete in Journeyman if
they so wished, but anyone who has won at Master level could not
compete in Journeyman or Novice.

Masquerade entries are to be less than two minutes in length. We are
always excited to see new creations, and from new people. If you've
never entered a masquerade before, this is an excellent opportunity.

For more information, send email to masquerade;@</i>

To subscribe to the official Masquerade discussion email list, go to

7. Furry Variety Show - 'Furry Night Live!'

This year the Furry Variety Show (FVS) - with the emphasis on Variety,
performance and, of course, whacky fun - will be subtitled "Furry
Night Live!
" Furs will be asked to organized into 'troupes' (like on
Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, or Second City TV), plan, write their
skits and rehearse them in advance. Because of this, acts performed by
these troupes will be allowed to go over the former skit limits if,
and only if, they are approved in advance. Individual performances
will be limited to 3 minutes. As usual, the FVS is a non-competitive
and non-judged show for the entertainment of Further Confusion's

So, if you want to do magic, a comedy routine, dance to 'Walk Like an
Egyptian, play your kazoo, juggle flaming bowling pins (providing
they're not lit, of course), or perform that silly act that you've
wanted to do for months - in or out of costume, with or without a
puppet, alone or in a stage breaking group - then the FVS is for you!

For more information contact FVS Lead Scruff E. Coyote at

To subscribe to the official FVS discussion email list, go to

8. Events Announcements

We never stop looking for more event ideas. For those of you who would
like to run a panel, or have an idea for a panel, please contact our
events staff at events;@</i>

There is still time for people to have their fursuit participate in the
'Extreme Fursuit Makeover' panel. This is a special event we are holding
at Further Confusion for those of you who wish to have their fursuit made
over by a panel of experts. If you would like your fursuit to be
considered, please send an email to Toraneko at toranekom;@</i> Be
aware that there are some rules you should be aware of before entering.
These can be found at

The Making of 'Kaze: Ghost Warrior': How one man and his computer
created an animated film. Timothy 'Amadhi' Albee will explain how he
made his 3D animated film in the wilds of Alaska. You can learn more
about this exciting film at

Mr. Albee also adds, "We've all got stories burning inside us, stories
we, ourselves, wish we'd been told. Technology has reached a point
where even a single, dedicated individual can create a film that can
stand on its own next to the best 'big-budget' Hollywood productions.
All you need to do is figure out how to get to 'there' from 'here',
doing what you need to do, learning what you need to learn, each and
every day."

Amadhi shows you the behind-the-scenes processes that worked for him on
his own journey of belief and love that resulted in the short film, "Kaze,
Ghost Warrior." See brand-new 3D animation tools in action that can let
even first-time animators deliver powerful performances. Find out how you
can learn the skills to tell the stories you've always wished to see!

"It's not rocket-science, and when it comes down to it, the opportunity
that animation gives you, to actually live in that world, live as those
characters, for as long as you're working on that project, that's the
best 'high' I've ever found. The stories and characters within the
Furry community are the most beautiful, powerful and moving I've ever
seen, anywhere. I want us to prove ourselves right and make these
Dreams come alive, for ourselves and for all who have ever dared to
Dream Aloud!!" says Amadhi.

Bring all your questions about storytelling, film-making, 3D animation,
and Kaze and the crew with you. An open-ended Q&A session will take
place immediately after the panel.

Live Animal Events: 'Wildlife Companions' is a nonprofit organization
that operates a sanctuary and endangered species education outreach
program. Their website is and they
will have both human and animal representatives at Further Confusion 2005.

9. Pre-registration deadline is coming up

If you have not registered for Further Confusion yet, the
pre-registration deadline for both mail-in and online registrations is
December 30. After this date, registration will be closed and the at-door
price will be $50. Single-day memberships will be available at the door,
and prices will be announced on our website when these prices are

10. FCTV

Conventions that wish to submit commercials to FCTV still have time.
Commercials can be 30 seconds long and are to be PG-rated. FCTV is also
looking for content to show during the con. Animations, con footage,
self-made video projects or anything else of that nature is acceptable.
Send an email to fctv;@</i> for more information.
Deadline for FCTV submissions is Dec 17th.

Further Confusion


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