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FC 2005 Late November Newsletter

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1. Pre-Registration Cut-Off Date
2. Fursuit & Party Rooms are still open
3. Suites are still available
4. Artshow space running out
5. Anubis Awards
6. 2: The Ranting Gryphon and Tim Albee's 'Bits and Giggles'
7. Live Animal Events
8. Masquerade News
9. Con Book Submissions
10. Charity Auction1. Pre-Registration Cut-Off Date

If you have not registered for Further Confusion yet, the pre-registration
deadline is December 30th, 2004. The online registration system with close
at 11.59pm on this date, and mail-in registrations should be postmarked by
this date also. After this time, pre-registration will no longer be
possible and you will have to get your membership at the con at the price
of $50 for the entire convention.

2. Fursuit & Party Rooms are still open

We had to extend our room block with the hotel as we found some people
have had problems in getting the convention rate. If you are one of these
people, please send an email to hotel;@</i> with your full
name, reservation number, and which nights you couldn't get at the con
rate of $89/night and we will talk to the hotel about fixing that.

As usual, double queen rooms are going fast. If you find that you cannot
book a double queen room, try booking for a single king room instead. If
you absolutely and positively must have a double queen room, this could be
your _last chance_ before they all go!

Requests for rooms on the party floor are still open until December 1st.
If you would like a room there, book a room in the normal way and then
send an email to hotel;@</i>, providing your name,
reservation number, your request to have a room on the party floor, as
well as a short description of the required public party that you have to
hold in order to qualify for a room on this floor. The party floor is on
the second floor, and all rooms have access to the wide balcony behind the

Fursuit floor requests are required by December 18th! We try our best to
keep fursuiters together on the lower floors of the hotel, providing
easier access to the convention space. This floor is filling up quickly,
and once it's filled we will have to stop taking requests. If you are a
fursuiter, do not leave this too late! It will be strictly first-come,
first-server. Again, first book your room in the normal way, then email
hotel;@</i> with your name, reservation number, and state
your request or a room on the fursuit floor.

3. Suites are still available

Some of the parlor suites at the hotel have opened up, but if you want
one, you need to act fast. These are approximately twice the size of the
usual rooms, and providing you have a room booked already you can upgrade
your standard room to a parlor suite by emailing
hotel;@</i> with your name, reservation number, and
mentioning that you would like to upgrade to a parlor suite. Suites are
located on the 9th and 10th floors and are $225/night. If you want to see
what you're getting for your money, go to and take a look.

If we do not get reservations for the parlor suites by December 4th, we
will have to return these rooms to the hotel, and they will _not_ be
available after that date. Why are you waiting?

4. Artshow space running out

We are now getting close to running out of space in our art show. If you
have not yet gotten your space, now is the time to act. Send an email to
artshow;@</i> and request your space now.

5. Anubis Awards

Heather Bruton and Dark Natasha are teaming up to judge certain pieces
that are appropriate for this year's theme of 'Furries on the Nile' for
special recognition. These are the Anubis Awards, and will be handed out
for 'Best Male', 'Best Female' and 'Best Couple' for Anubis or Egyptian
themed artwork in our art show.

6. 2: The Ranting Gryphon and Tim Albee's 'Bits and Giggles'

2 will be doing an 'all ages' show that will be followed by a showing of
'Kaze: Ghost Warrior', where the animator himself - Tim 'Amadhi' Albee -
will be answering question about his film and showing you behind-the-scenes
process that worked for him on his journey of belief and love that
resulted in this animated short film. See brand new 3D animation tools in
action that can let even first-time animators deliver powerful
performances. Find out how you can learn the skills to tell the stories
that you've always wished to bring to life.

7. Live Animal Events

We have confirmation from Wildlife Companions that they will be attending
Further Confusion. Wildlife Companions is a non-profit organization that
operates a sanctuary and endangered species education outreach program.
They can be found on the web at and
they will have both animal - and human - representatives at FC2005.

8. Masquerade News

The Masquerade is a furry fashion show for all ages and all abilities.
Participants get 90 seconds to strut their stuff - or walk like an
Egyptian - on our main stage and have their fabulous costume creations
judged by a panel of experts. Awards will be given for Novice, Journeyman,
and Master skill levels, as well as a Judges' Choice.

The Masquerade will be presented on Saturday night from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.
There is a very, very, extremely important and mandatory rehearsal from
10.00am to 1.00pm for ALL participants. To get more information or
reserve your spot in the show, send an email to
masquerade;@</i> Rules for the Masquerade are posted on
our website at

9. Con Book Submissions

Our Convention Book deadline is December 3rd, 2004. Further Confusion is
accepting black & white artwork and photographs, stories, and any other
related con book material. We can accept material in TIFF, EPS and PDF
formats. If you have a JPEG file, please try to send it to us at the
highest resolution possible. Artwork can be either 8.5"x11", 8.5"x5.5", or
4.25"x5.5" in size. Black & white images should be submitted in at least
300DPI or higher. PDF files should be created at the 'High Quality'
setting. Stories may be in either Rich Text (RTF) or DOC format. If you
are submitting a story, please include your name in the story file so we
are able to properly credit you. Quality setting.

Also, please name files that you provide to us something logical, so that
we know who they were submitted by. For example, a piece done by Joe
Public could be named jpublic-temple_of_sobek.tiff.

We do have an upload site for images that are too large to send to us by
email. By 'too large', we mean larger than 5MB in size. Please send
submissions and questions to conbook;@</i> This is also
where to ask about details for the upload site.

Our Convention Book guidelines are posted in full detail on our website,
as well as templates that you can use for Illustrator and Photoshop. This
page is located at:

10. Charity Auction

2 will be hosting the Charity Auction for us this year, and we are still
looking for some good items to auction off. If you have any such items,
please let us know by sending an email to info;@</i>

Further Confusion


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