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Further Confusion 2005 - January Newsletter

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In this issue:

1. Travel Assistance
2. Pre-Registration cut-off date
3. Our hotel is full!
4. Dealers Room hours and list of merchants
5. Art show hours and list of exhibitors
6. Other opening hours of note
7. Furly Edition #0 Deadline
8. Fursuit Badges
9. Single Day Registration costs
10. Sign-up Only Events We at Further Confusion hope that you and all of our friends enjoyed a
most wonderful Christmas holiday, and that the coming year brings about
great change and much happiness in your life.

This newsletter contains a long list of times / dates for various
departments that might be as use to you while attending the convention this
year. These times will also be published in the Pocket Program book that
will be handed out to each one of you at con.

1. Travel Assistance

We are pleased to announce that the following individuals received
donations for the FC2005 Travel Assistance program this year. These funds
helped make it possible for the following people to attend the convention.

Timothy 'Amadhi' Albee - the creator, writer, artist for Kaze: Ghost Warrior
Graveyard Greg - the creator/writer of several web-comics, including Carpe Diem
Sarah Evon - who will be a first-time attendee of FC
Tiffany 'Syke' Ross - creator of Cyantian Chronicles, Shivae!, Alien Dice and other web-comics
2, the Ranting Gryphon - a noted comedian in the Furry Fandom, renowned for his 'rants'
Holly Ann - an artist

2. Pre-Registration cut-off date

We'd like to remind everyone who haven't yet registered who are coming to
Further Confusion this year that the pre-reg cut-off date is 11:59pm
Thursday December 30th. Our online pre-reg system will close at this time,
and mail-in applications will need to be postmarked with Thursday's date.

After this time, you will have to register on-site at the convention.

At the con, our registration desks will open for Pre-Reg pickup at 4pm on
Thursday afternoon, and we will start selling at-con memberships at 5pm.
Registration will close at 10pm that evening. A complete listing of
Registration hours is on our website at

3. Our hotel is full!

Our hotel, the DoubleTree San Jose, has sold out of all its regular rooms
completely. For those who have left booking a room until now, there are
still a couple of options available to you.

There may still be rooms available on the executive levels for some
nights, if you're willing to pay the hotel's standard (non-convention)
price. Please contact the DoubleTree directly to enquire about
availability if interested. When we last checked, these rooms were going
for between $160-$200/night.

There are a number of hotels within half a mile of the DoubleTree, which
we have posted their contact information on our forums at
<>. There are no
special arrangements that Further Confusion has made with these hotels,
and so you will need to deal with them directly to make a reservation.

The deadlines for fursuit floor and party floor requests has already
passed, and the rooms on these floors are all filled.

4. Dealers Room hours and list of merchants

Hours for the Dealer's Room, as well as a list of merchants and table
assignments are available from our website at

5. Art show hours and list of exhibitors

Hours for the Art Show, as well as a list of exhibitors are available from

our website at <>

6. Other opening hours of note

The Fursuit Lounge, which will again be located behind the Main Stage
(upstairs ballroom) will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 1:00pm
to 1:00am.

The Con Suite will be located in Room 252 (on the Party Floor of the
hotel) and opens Friday at 8am. It will be open 24 hours a day until
Monday 4:00pm.

The Creator's Lounge has moved this year to the Silicon Valley room,
above the registration area and across the upstairs lobby from the Main
Stage areas. We are really excited about the sunny windows, better
ventilation, and larger space. The Creator's Lounge will open at 4:00pm on
Friday, be open for 24 hours a day, closing at 12:00pm on Monday. There
will be display spaces to advertise private art slams. Reference material
for Further Confusion's theme - Furries on the Nile - will also be
available here.

A list of all opening hours is summarized on our website at

7. Furly Edition #0 Deadline

The deadline for Furly Edition #0 is January 3rd. Furly Edition is our
daily newsletter that is produced and made available each day of the
convention. Edition #0 will be the version that is available on Thursday
afternoon. Any events that might need to know about before the convention
starts can be submitted to marketing;@</i> for printing in
Furly Edition #0.

News for Furly Edition can be submitted to our con suite by 5:00pm each
day. Articles received by this time will be printed in the next day's

8. Fursuit Badges

Further Confusion will be continuing the tradition it started with
providing costumers with Fursuit Badges, which allow you - when in costume
- access to all areas of the convention where a badge is required. You can
get a fursuit badge made during the regular opening hours of
Registration, starting Friday morning.

The first Fursuit badge is free with your regular membership. If you
wish for additional badges, each badge costs $5.

We are sorry, but we are not accepting pictures for Fursuit badges
before the convention this year. They will be available 'at-con' only.

9. Single Day Registration costs

The prices for single day memberships are as follows:

Thursday only $20
Friday only $25
Saturday only $30
Sunday only $25
Monday only $20

As a reminder, the at-con price for a full membership is $50. If you plan
to be at the convention and attend events on two or more days, it is
cheaper for you to get the full membership. To attend a panel or event,
you must have a valid membership.

10. Sign-up Only Events

Those events that require you to sign up for them will have sign up sheets
available at the Info Desk at the con. Events include Critterlympics
(which will have limit amount of spaces), Kaffeeklatches, some of the life
drawing events and the writers' workshop. Kaffeeklatches are an opportunity
for you to sit down at a small table and talk one on one with our special
guest. Space is limited to twelve seats per Guest.

The schedule for Kaffeeklatches is Friday 4pm, Walter Crane, Saturday 4pm,
Alan Dean Foster, and Sunday 11am, Heather Alexander.

Further Confusion


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