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FC2006 August Newsletter

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The footfalls of paws cause roads to tremble; here, armies of proud
animals assemble. Ready to lock horns, knights raise their swords; by
fang and by claw, they fight for their lords. All manner of creatures
shall battle, they say; yet only the lionhearted shall capture the day.
Hear the echoes of howls and drumming: Further Confusion shall soon be

1. Picnic & Campout thanks
2. Travel Assistance
3. Pre-Registration for FC
4. Extreme Fursuit Make-over, Season 2: Transformation!
5. Furry Marketplace
6. Furry Night Live! Returns
7. Staff Needed
8. FC Film Festival
9. Conbook Submissions Needed
10. Membership Badge Art Needed
11. Hotel FAQ for Booking Rooms
12. Further Confusion Masquerade
13. FC Weapons Policy
14. Next Public Meeting
1. Picnic & Campout thanks

Further Confusion would like to extend a warm thank-you to everyone who
attended our Annual Picnic & Campout! We had at least 150 people show up,
and all in all it was an enormous success! Chairo and his crew also
deserve special thanks for diligently organizing this wonderful event. We
hope to see everyone again next year!

2. Travel Assistance

If you need just a little help in getting to Further Confusion 2006, we're
here for you! FC can offer travel assistance to those in need. Just
e-mail us at info;@</i> (with 'Travel Assistance' in the
subject line), and we'll add you to the list at:

When e-mailing us, make sure that you include your real name, fan name,
mailing address, and provide a brief description about yourself and what
you feel you can contribute to the convention. Note that the deadline for
travel assistance is October 1, 2005.

3. Pre-Registration for FC

Please note that if you plan to pre-register for Further Confusion 2006,
that the price will be going up from $40 to $45 starting September 1st,
2005 - that's just a few weeks away! You can register online at the
following address:

Pertinent general information regarding registration can be found on our
website at:

4. Extreme Fursuit Make-over, Season 2: Transformation!

Further Confusion 2006 will once again be featuring the Extreme Fursuit
Make-over! This year we have the addition of special guests Ysengrin and
Darkfang to the stellar team returning from last year. They will bring
their considerable talents to the table to transform a cute, toony style
wolf into a werewolf, right before a live audience's eyes! The Fursuit
Make-over will be held on the Main Stage on Friday, from noon to 3 p.m.,
and will hopefully be filmed by FCTV for later presentation!

If you would like your wolf suit to be considered for this make-over please
send a head shot and a full body shot of your suit to Toraneko
(Toranekom;@</i> We look forward to another exciting event!

5. Furry Marketplace

Furry Marketplace slots are on sale NOW! You can purchase a 4' table
space for the entire weekend for $45. These typically go fast, so reserve
your space ahead of time and avoid the rush! If you have any questions,
e-mail dealers;@</i>

6. Furry Night Live! Returns

Furry Night Live! (formerly the Furry Variety Show) returns Sunday night
at 8:00 PM as the number one place to see furry variety acts performed
live ... but with a few big changes! This year, a new host will MC the
show, while performers will have the choice of their acts being judged on
performance by a panel. In addition, a special "Audience Choice Award"
will allow the audience to choose their favorite act which will receive a
cash award!

So dust off those Renaissance fair costumes, get your fursuits ready, grab
your friends and form performance troupes, and develop an act or skit
worthy of the theme "Renfur: A Knight's Tail". Unsure what you can do? Not
able to come up a script for yourself? Able to perform but have no act?
Not a problem. We will have scripts, acts, and skits for you to
participate in!

For more information contact Furry Night Live! Lead Scruff E. Coyote at
fvs;@</i> To subscribe to the official Furry Night Live
discussion E-mail list go to

7. Staff Needed

We still have many staff positions available! If you've had prior
experience organizing and running conventions, or even if you just want to
lend a friendly paw, WE NEED YOU! E-mail info;@</i> for
details, or come to one of our staff meetings. If you're interested in
working under a particular department, individual department e-mail
addresses can be found at

Still-open positions include: Business Director, Marketing 2nd, Con Store
lead, Fursuit Lounge, and Gaming. Also, Logistics, Registration and Art
Show need additional personnel.

8. FC Film Festival

Further Confusion is sponsoring a Film Festival, which will showcase
animated and live-action short films with anthropomorphic themes submitted
by both fans and film-makers. All films shown will be judged by a select
panel for a 1st Place cash prize.

For further inquiries, or to submit a film, please contact

9. Conbook Submissions Needed

This year's conbook deadline is November 1st, 2005. Further Confusion will
be accepting full-color (and black-and-white) artwork, stories,
photographs, and any other material pertinent to the Conbook. We can
accept material in TIFF, EPS and PDF format. If you have a JPEG file,
please try to send it to us at the highest resolution possible. Artwork
can either be full-page format (8.5in x 11in), half-page format (8.5in x
5.5in), or quarter-page format (5.5in x 4.25in) in size. All raster images
should be at the very least 300 DPI (600 DPI preferred). PDF files should
be created at the High Quality setting.

Stories can be in .RTF or .DOC format. If you are submitting a story,
please include your name in the story so we know who wrote it. Also,
please name your files something logical so that we know who they are
from. For example, a piece done by Joe Public could be named

We also have an upload site for those of you that might have images larger
than 5MB. Please send an e-mail to conbook;@</i> if you
want the upload information.

We also have our Conbook guidelines for those of you who might need help
in creating content for our Conbook. Go to

10. Membership Badge Art Needed

Further Confusion is currently seeking artwork submissions for the 2006
membership badge inserts. Both color and black &amp; white artwork will be
accepted, and all artwork will be considered on overall 'look and feel',
plus these additional points:

- Size: Art must scale to be printed at 4" x 2".
- Theme: Art must accurately reflect the theme of the con.
- Age appropriateness: The art must be suitable for viewing by children.

Artists submitting images should be aware that there is no payment for
badge art chosen, and the artist gives Further Confusion the right to
reproduce the image as badge art for FC2006. The artist will be credited
on the insert and in the con program book. The artist retains all other
copyrights and reproduction rights beyond the above.

Submission deadline is October 1st, 2005. All qualifying submissions will
be seriously considered and we will choose 6 designs. All artists will be
notified by November 1st as to whether or not their submissions have been

Submission technical specs: We prefer JPG format at best possible quality
compression, at 300 DPI. An 8" by 4" original scanned at 300 DPI gives us
a good file to work with. Badge art Submissions should be sent to
badgeartsubmissions;@</i> In the email specify how you
wish to be credited should your art be chosen.

11. Hotel FAQ for Booking Rooms

If you want to get your room reservation in time for the con, it's very
important that you read the Hotel FAQ, located online at . If you have any
additional questions, please contact hotel;@</i>

If you need a specific type of room, you should book your room and make
your request in plenty of time! If you want to be placed on the party
floor, fursuit floor, next to your friends, or have any other special
request, you should first book the room, and then send your request to
hotel;@</i> along with your full (real) name and hotel
confirmation code.

12. Further Confusion Masquerade

Have a nifty new fursuit? Then come show it off!

The Masquerade is a furry fashion show for all the latest, greatest, or
just plain ol' cutest fursuits out there. Each entry will have up to two
minutes (increased from last year!) to strut their stuff in center stage.
Awards will be given to the best fursuits in the Novice,
Journeyman, Expert, and Judge's Choice categories. So bring your suit,
your favorite showin' off tunes, and your sense of fun down to the 2006
Further Confusion Masquerade! Watch this newsletter for more information,
including revised rules and rehearsal times. (You must be at the rehearsal
to be in the Masquerade.) So don't hesitate - come show us your coolest

13. FC Weapons Policy

A special note regarding Further Confusion's Weapons Policy:

Due to the current year's theme, we at Further Confusion have felt the
need to emphasize our policy regarding weapons. This is
in anticipation of the theme attracting a greater number of weapons and
weapon props than usual. The weapons policy, while simple, does require
you -- the attendee -- to ensure that your weapon is properly secured.

Questions and Answers:
Q. What does this boil down to?
A. Any Weapon, replica or otherwise MUST be Peace Bonded while within
any convention space.

Q. What is Peace Bonding?
A. Peace Bonding of a weapon consists of the use of a visible orange zip
tie that prevents the owner from drawing the weapon, or otherwise
rendering it ineffective as a weapon.

Q. Do I have to Peace Bond my weapon?
A. The responsibility of ensuring that your weapon is Peace Bonded is yours
as the owner and/or wielder. However, FLARE staff
will be happy to help any attendee that is unsure, unwilling or
otherwise unable to Peace Bond their weapon(s).

Q. Do I have to provide my own Zip Tie Peace Bonding Tag?
A. No! Further Confusion will make such tags available at the registration
desk, as well as at the FLARE base which can be found in Room 268 (next
to ConOps on the 2nd floor guest-room level)

Q. Will Peace Bonding harm my weapon?
A. Absolutely not! If you have any concerns that your unique weapon may be
harmed by the Peace Bonding process, please voice your concerns to the
FLARE staff member assisting you with your Peace Bonding, and he or she
will work with you to find a solution. (Keep in mind that the solution
might be to leave it in the room.)

Q. What if I refuse to Peace Bond my weapon?
A. You should come to the convention with full knowledge that, should you
refuse to abide by the weapons policy set forth by Further Confusion,
your badge will be confiscated and you will NOT be granted a refund.

14. Next Public Meeting

The next Further Confusion public staff meeting will be at noon on
Saturday, September 17, 2005, at the San Jose Doubletree.

Further Confusion


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