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Feral! 2005: The Best Yet!!

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Heya furs! Feral! 2005 was by far the most successful and exciting yet, breaking our registration records and fulfilling everything we had hoped for, continuing its status as one of the funnest and most unique furry events in the world!

Those who attended were treated to great surprises and special events, including an all-encompassing 'Clan versus Clan' challenge, our immensely popular Capture the Flag game, the traditional Predator Versus Prey event, and of course all our activities (archery, wall climbing, sailing...) and workshops (collarmaking, ears and tails, writing and art...)

Seeing Uncle Kage's Story Hour by campfire, eating meals together in the giant 80 year old main lodge, and sleeping in the woods or by the lake in the cabins make Feral! an experience unrivaled in the furry community!

2006 will be our eighth year, and we look forward to seeing all interested furs there! Of course, we are looking for artists, workshop instructors, or any other interested volunteers, and can be reached at and information can be found at our website,

Don't miss out! Join the tribe in 2006!

Chair, Camp Feral! 2005


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