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FC2006 November Newsletter

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Winter draws nigh, and the great beasts shall sleep
But we shall putter away in our mysterious keep
For we scurrying creatures have so much to do
Before we can bring our convention to you --
And you may not know it, but you can lend a paw too.

For our convention is not run by magic, oh no;
Only with your aid shall it continue to grow.
If you are cunning like the fox, swift like the hare,
Stout like the ox, or smarter than the average bear,
Then lo, come forth!  Bring your bids to the table!
And perhaps next time you'll be part of the fable...

In this issue:
1.  An Important Message From AAE
2.  Hotel Room Block Issues
3.  Pre-Registration Closing Soon
4.  FC2005 DVD update
5.  FCTV Submissions
6.  Furry Night Live
7.  Parking for FC
8.  Extreme Fursuit Makeover, Season 2: Transformation!
9.  FC Weapons Policy
10. FC2006 Dance Lineup
11. Fursuit Badge Submissions
12. Panels of Note
13. Next Public Meeting

1.  An Important Message From AAE

Every year, Further Confusion changes its convention executives.   So...
would you like to run our convention?  You'll run one of the  largest
conventions in furry fandom.  You'll be able to bring in your  new ideas
to show us how to really run a convention.  You'll get the  chance to run
a company of between 100 and 150 people.

If you're interested, we need the following information from you by
December 1:

a) the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of at least 3  individuals
   who would be on the executive committee with the chair.  Those positions
   typically include: Chair, Co-Chair, Business  Director, Events
   Director, Operations Director, and Marketing Director.

b) A short essay/proposal written by you and your team expressing why  you
   think you would be a good team, what you would do to improve  Further
   Confusion, your teams qualifications, and anything else that  you think
   we should be aware of. Experience in running conventions of this size
   is helpful but not required.  Other members included in the bid should
   compensate for weaknesses in the Chair.

c) A 100 word statement of your team's feelings about the fandom. Its
   good points, bad points, and how you would deal with both.

There is more information at

2.  Hotel Room Block Issues

We're aware that the hotel reservation line and website are telling people
trying to make reservations for the Further Confusion rate that there are
no more rooms available.

Our final room block expansion is in the works, so this should be just a
temporary situation. The only rooms that we are completely out of are the
'double queen' rooms (ie, two beds in a room). The hotel does offer
folding beds that it can add to a room for a small charge, so we would
suggest that anyone wanting these should book a 'single king' room (ie,
one bed in the room) and request this extra fold-away bed.

Haven't made a hotel reservation yet? Don't delay - make it today!

You still can make a reservation now, and if you aren't quoted the FurCon
convention rate of $89 a night, make it anyway and let us know! You will
have to email with the name you made the
reservation under as well as your confirmation number. Once the room block
extension is in place, we can slide your reservation under the convention
rate. We're doing our best to make sure that everyone who reserves a room
at the Doubletree gets that convention room rate.

Remember, when you make your reservation, your credit card is NOT charged
- it's only used to guarantee your reservation. (So, you won't be suddenly
out of pocket for however much the hotel says it's room rate is)

Finally, we have ONE parlor suite left. The rate for this is $225 per
night. To upgrade your room to this suite, send the name you made the
reservation under and your confirmation number to the hotel liasion.

Any further questions, please email

3.  Pre-Registration Closing Soon

Pre-registration for Further Confusion will be closing December 30, 2005!
Don't get caught up in long lines at the con - pre-register today and
beat the rush.  Rates and the Registration FAQ can be found here:

4.  FC2005 DVD update

Due to real life issues, the FC2005 DVD will not be for sale at MFF  as we
had hoped. The DVD crew worked hard and long hours trying to  get this
together, but real life things happen and we had to push  things back. We
apologize to everyone who was waiting, but we are  going to try to have it
out by Christmas.

5.  FCTV Submissions

FCTV is still taking submissions!  The official cutoff date is December 1,
2005.  However, if you have something to submit afterwards, it may still
be possible.  Contact for details.

6.  Furry Night Live

Furry Night Live (formally the Furry Variety Show) returns Sunday night at
8:00 PM as the number one place to see furry variety acts performed live .
. . but with a few big changes!  This year Trendane will MC the show,
while performers will have the choice of their acts being judged on
performance by a panel.  In addition, a special "Audience Choice Award"
will allow the audience to choose their favorite act which will receive a
$200 cash award!
So dust off those Renaissance fair costumes, get your fursuits ready, grab
your friends and form performance troupes, and develop an act or skit
worthy of the theme "Renfur: A Knight's Tail".  Unsure what you can do?
Not able to come up a script for yourself?  Able to perform but have no
act?  Not a problem.  We will have scripts, acts, and skits for you to
participate in!
For more information contact Furry Night Live Lead Scruff E. Coyote at  To subscribe to the official Furry Night Live
discussion E-mail list go to:  and sign up.

7.  Parking for FC

The Doubletree is providing free parking for con attendees, and here are
the instructions on how to get it: Prior to registration, just tell the
parking attendant you're attending Further Confusion.  After
registration, all you need to do to get back in for free is flash your

More details are available on

Questions?  E-mail

8.  Extreme Fursuit Makeover, Season 2: Transformation!
Further Confusion 2006 will once again be featuring the Extreme Fursuit
Makeover!  This year we have the addition of special guests Ysengrin and
Darkfang to the stellar team returning from last year.  They will bring
their considerable talents to the table to transform a cute, toony style
wolf into a werewolf, right before a live audience's eyes!  The Fursuit
Makeover will be held on the Main Stage on Friday, from noon to 3 p.m.,
and will hopefully be filmed by FCTV for later presentation!
If you would like your wolf suit to be considered for this makeover please
send a head shot and a full body shot of your suit to Toraneko
(  Note that the cutoff date for a suit to be remade
is November 15th.  We look forward to another exciting event!

9.  FC Weapons Policy

A special note regarding Further Confusion's Weapons Policy:

Due to the current year's theme, we at Further Confusion have felt the
need to emphasize Further Confusion's policy regarding weapons.  This is
in anticipation of the theme attracting a greater number of weapons and
weapon props than usual.  The weapons policy, while simple, does require
you -- the attendee -- to ensure that your weapon is properly secured.

Questions and Answers:

Q. What does this boil down to?
A. Any Weapon, replica or otherwise MUST be Peace Bonded while within
   any convention space.

Q. What is Peace Bonding?
A. Peace Bonding of a weapon consists of the use of a visible orange zip
   tie that prevents the owner from drawing the weapon, or otherwise
   rendering it ineffective as a weapon.

Q. Do I have to Peace Bond my weapon?
A. The responsibility of ensuring that your weapon is Peace Bonded is yours
   as the owner and/or wielder.  However, FLARE staff will be happy to
   help any attendee that is unsure, unwilling or otherwise unable to
   Peace Bond their weapon(s).

Q. Do I have to provide my own Zip Tie Peace Bonding Tag?
A. No! Further Confusion will make such tags available at the registration
   desk, as well as at the FLARE base which can be found in Room 268 (next
   to ConOps on the 2nd floor guest-room level)

Q. Will Peace Bonding harm my weapon?
A. Absolutely not! If you have any concerns that your unique weapon may be
   harmed by the Peace Bonding process, please voice your concerns to the
   FLARE staff member assisting you with your Peace Bonding, and he or she
   will work with you to find a solution.  (Keep in mind that the solution
   might be to leave it in the room.)

Q. What if I refuse to Peace Bond my weapon?
A. You should come to the convention with full knowledge that, should you
   refuse to abide by the weapons policy set forth by Further Confusion,
   your badge will be confiscated and you will NOT be granted a refund.

10. FC2006 Dance Lineup

Thursday Night at 9 p.m. (Carmel & Monterey)
   Kick off your weekend with a jump start as DJ Genki spins Happy
   Hardcore, Gabber, Dark Drum-n-Bass and other styles at the Thursday
   Night Dance!

Friday Night at 8:30/9 p.m. (Main Stage)
   Come and shake your tails at the Fursuit Dance as AudioDile mixes a
   blend of disco, 80's remixes, funk, trance and dance mashups!  The
   heat and the tempo will be rising throughout the night so get there
   early if you need a slower pace and stay late if you like it fast.

Friday and Saturday Night at 11 p.m. (San Carlos)
   Need someplace to relax after a long day?  Stop in to the Cool Down
   Lounge and chill out to the sublime sounds of DJ Mermaid and his
   eclectic and fun mix.

Friday Night at midnight (Main Stage)
   BigBlueFox will keep things moving well into the morning with his own
   special blend of house, trance, techno, italo disco, 80's and anything
   else that strikes him.

Saturday at 11 p.m. (Main Stage)
   DJ Amadeus, DJ Sloppy Puppy and other special guests bring you the
   Saturday Night Dance, with music so diverse we wouldn't even attempt to
   classify it - you just have to hear it for yourself!

Sunday at 10 p.m. (Main Stage)
  Sunday night's dance features FC newcomer (but certainly no novice)
  Sarah, who brings her mix of industrial/synthpop/EBM to the dance floor.

Monday around 6 p.m. (Dead Dog Party)
  DJ Yakeo and friends help close out the con on a high note with their
  top dance tunes!

Friday at 3 p.m. (Main Stage)
  Sub-Level 03 Concert: Come experience a synergy of sight and sound like
  you've never seen before.  FC is proud to welcome Sub-Level 03, who
  combine elements of rock, techno, trance, new age and world sounds in an
  unforgettable show.

Note that this is not a final listing; all events, lineups, locations and
times are subject to change.

11. Fursuit Badge Submissions

If you have a fursuit, are pre-registered, and need a fursuit badge,
here's what you do.  Before January 1, 2006, send a picture of your
costume to and include the following
information in the email:

  - Your real name
  - The fursuit name
  - Your registration confirmation number

The file can be any standard picture format (TIFF, JPEG, etc.) at 300 dpi
with a usable area of 450 by 600 pixels.

The first fursuit badge is free (though a donation to the convention would
be appreciated), while subsequent badges will be charged at $5 each.

Photographs for fursuit badges will also be taken at the convention.
Please see the times that will be posted at the Registration Desk for the
hours this will be offered.

12. Panels of Note

Here's a sampling of just a few of the exciting events awaiting you at

Friday, 12 noon 3 p.m. (main stage)
   Fursuit Makeover, hosted by Toraneko
Friday, 2:30 p.m.
   Meet the Guests (Jane Lindskold & Eric Elliott, hosted by Chip Unicorn)
Friday, 9 p.m.
   Fuzzy Yarns - a furry open story hour
Saturday, 10 a.m.
   How to Build a Furry Time Capsule
Saturday, 10 a.m.
   Wildlife Companions will be bringing animals for your artistic pleasure.
Saturday, 2:30 p.m.
   Eric Elliott (our artist Guest of Honor) will be doing an art panel
Saturday, 3 p.m. (San Martin Room)
   Super Smash Bros. Tournament!  Pummel your friends in the first ever
   Smash tournament run at FC with official tournament rules.  Ran by
   Smashers, for Smashers.  Sign up in the San Martin Room.
Saturday, 4 p.m.
   Second Life panel - Discuss the on-line world of Second Life.
Saturday, 7 p.m.
   An informal Overview of the Middle Ages panel, hosted by Backbreaker
Sunday, 4 p.m.
   The Muppets Roundtable panel
Sunday, 7 p.m.
   Our Fabulous Dessert Social
Monday, 10 a.m.
   Embarrassing Fursuit Moments
Monday, 2:30 p.m.
   FC2007 Job Faire - where you can come and volunteer to do better next

Note that this is not a final listing; all events, locations and times are
subject to change.

13. Next Public Meeting

In December, there'll be two Further Confusion public staff meetings - one
on December 3rd, and another on December 17th.  Both will be at noon at
the San Jose Doubletree.

Parking is free - just tell the parking attendant that you're with Further
when you arrive, and then get a sticker for your parking slip in
the meeting.

Further Confusion


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