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FC2006 Pre-Con Newsletter

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Their claws drawn out, their wings unfurled, the beasts have come from
around the world.
Out from their dens and lairs and earthen holes to reveal themselves as
heroic souls.

The call to battle is a lion's roar; and soon it is joined by countless more.
Their long fangs bared, ears drawn back, the beasts charge forth to begin
the attack.

No one knows how the battle will end; whose sword shall break, whose claw
shall rend.
But one thing is certain before it is through: all shall fight well,
bravely and true.

And we shall sing of those who were: our heroes of feather, scale and fur.
The sun draws high, the hour is near; at last, Further Confusion is here.

1.  2007 Chair Announced
2.  Royal Rumour
3.  Parking at the Con
4.  Badge Art Contest Winners
5.  Hotel Full!
6.  Convention Schedule Online
7.  FC Weapons Policy
8.  Fursuit Parade Gathering
9.  Furry Market Place
10. Gaming at FC
1.  2007 Chair Announced

The chair for Further Confusion 2007 has been announced, and it's none
other than our current vice-chair, Squirrel!  Please join us in
congratulating her and wishing her luck in the year to come.

2.  Royal Rumour

"Ye Olde Royal Rumour," Further Confusion 2006's on-site daily newsletter,
is accepting submissions!  Please send all pre-con news items to  The pre-con deadline (for Royal Rumour
#0) is Tuesday, January 17, 2006, at 4 p.m. (PST).  The at-con deadline
for news item submissions is 6 p.m. the day before publication.  There
will be drop boxes at the Info Desk and at Con-Ops.

3.  Parking at the Con

Even though the hotel has put in paid parking, all convention members will
receive complimentary parking. You still need to take a ticket when you
enter, but when leaving make sure that you have your convention badge with
you and show it to the attendant upon leaving.  Parking information:

4.  Badge Art Contest Winners

Further Confusion 2006 received a number of wonderful submissions for
badge art, and the winners have been chosen!  Congratulations to Angel
Blaze, Kat Vixen, Sidian, Yippee Coyote, Daniel Keller, and Dodge!

5.  Hotel Full!

Just in case you missed the previous announcement, the San Jose DoubleTree
is FULL!  We have a list available of nearby hotels (within a half-mile)

6.  Convention Schedule Online

You can browse our convention schedule on our website: You can also find a listing of events, along with descriptions, by track at

Note that all times and event descriptions are subject to change.

7.  FC Weapons Policy

A special note regarding Further Confusion's Weapons Policy:

Due to the current year's theme, we at Further Confusion have felt the
need to emphasize Further Confusion's policy regarding weapons.  This is
in anticipation of the theme attracting a greater number of weapons and
weapon props than usual.  The weapons policy, while simple, does require
you -- the attendee -- to ensure that your weapon is properly secured.

Our FAQ on the weapons policy is available online at

8.  Fursuit Parade Gathering

Attention all fursuiters!  The Fursuit Parade will be gathering Sunday at
4pm at the San Carlos room.  That will give fursuiters a room to be
headless.  There will also be a temporary headless fursuit lounge all
Monday in the San Jose room.  There will be water service, but the room
will not be staffed.

9.  Furry Market Place

While the Further Confusion 2006 Dealer's Room continues to be sold out,
after all pre-con sales, there ARE remaining spaces in the Furry Market
. This space is outside the dealers room on Fri, Sat and Sun of the
convention. All materials displayed, sold or worked on in this space may
not exceed a PG-rating. The price for these spaces are $45.00. You MUST
have a membership to the convention to purchase a space.

To purchase a space you need the following:
A) A valid California Board of Equalization Sellers Permit
    Contact 1-800-735-2922 M-F 8am-5pm Pacific Time for help with this
B) A membership to Further Confusion 2006
    You can be pre-registered, or purchase your membership AT the convention
C) A valid Government Issued Photo-ID
    State driver's license, Passport, Military ID, etc

If you have the above and are interested in a 4'x4' space in the Furry
Market Place
, come to the area of hallways outside the Bayshore Ballroom
at the hotel on Friday, January 20th, 2006 between 8am and 11am. WE WILL
the remaining Furry Market Place spaces on a first come, first served
basis. But you MUST have all three items to purchase a space.

For more information about the Furry Market Place, see the dealers page of
the Further Confusion 2006 website at

Regarding the Seller's Permit: The CA BOE has an office in San Jose that
you can walk in to from 8am to 5pm on any weekday, and get a seller's
permit on the same day you apply. It does not cost you anything but time
to acquire, but we are not allowed to permit you to sell taxable goods at
the convention without it.

For more information on CA BOE seller's permits, go to their website at If you think you might be exempt from this,
check out Pub 61 at If you are truly
exempt by the rules presented in that publication, then you can fill out
BOE-410-D at the convention to that effect and waive that requirement for
getting the space.

10. Gaming at FC

his year we are going to have a fairly full gaming schedule. In addition
to the regular games we will also have Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh.
Finally, we are also going to have a set of RPGA games being run! For
those who don't know, the RPGA Eberron games are just getting started.
This is a chance to get in on the bottom floor of the new game universe..
and for those who love furries there are Shifters to play! Shifters are
the descendents of lycanthropes and can shift their

Here is a current list of the games being planned. Membership in the RPGA
is free for those who want to join.

The games have been listed on the events calendar at the RPGA.  Game times
will hopefully be posted soon for when the modules are being run. This is
a bit of an experiment. If this works out there will likely be more RPGA
events at the convention in the future.

Games being run:

PAL5-01 Pale Year 5 Regional 1 Living Greyhawk
PAL5-02 Pale Year 5 Regional 2 Living Greyhawk
PAL6-01 PaleYear 6 Regional 1 Living Greyhawk
PAL6-02 PaleYear 6 Regional 2 Living Greyhawk
PAL6-04 PaleYear 6 Regional 4 Living Greyhawk
EMH-5 Gambit at Dreadhold Eberron: Mark of Heroes - D&D Campaigns
EMH-7 The Delirium Stone Eberron: Mark of Heroes - D&D Campaigns
EMH-8 Freely Given Eberron: Mark of Heroes - D&D Campaigns

Further Confusion


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