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FC2007: Fur Your Eyes Only - June Mission Briefings

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We hope everyone had a fantastic time at AC, and it sounds like it was a
great success. For now, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to keep
aware of developments regarding FC2007. We've got a lot of news this time so
this email will NOT self-destruct in 30 seconds.

1.  FC 2007 Dealer's Room and Furry Market Place News
2.  FC 2008 Dealer's Room Sign-Up Changes
3.  Pre-Registration News
4.  Hotel News
5.  Themed Website Launch
6.  Furry Night Live
7.  Further Confusion Summer Picnic and Campout
8.  FCTV Seeking Material
9.  Events Staff Needed
10. Next Staff Meeting1.  FC 2007 Dealer's Room and Furry Market Place News

In August, we will be selecting at random people from the Dealer's Room
waiting list to be offered 10 half-tables for FC 2007.  In order to be
included in the selection, you should have your waiting list form sent in by
August 1st, 2006. Please allow sufficient time for the USPS to deliver it to
us by that date. There will be a second round of random drawing from the
waiting list in November for any additional table space that is available at
that time.

The first round of 10 Furry Marketplace spaces will be sold on a first come,
first served basis also starting on August 1st, 2006. Those interested will
need to send in an application form by mail postmarked no earlier than
August 1st - any earlier postmarks will be placed at the back of the list.
The first round will end September 15th. No e-mail applications will be
accepted.  We've listened to your comments, and the price for a Furry
Marketplace space for FC 2007 will now include one full membership.

Application forms for space in the Dealer's Room and Furry Marketplace, as
well as rules governing each area, can be found at
<>. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

2.  FC 2008 Dealer's Room Sign-Up Changes

As promised, we've looked at the way space is allocated in the Dealer's
Room, and after listening to all the comments, we've decided to try a new
method for FC2008 that should allow everyone a chance at that rare commodity
- a table in the dealer's room!  For those interested in the changes for
2008, details can be found on the Dealers page at

3.  Pre-Registration News

Pre-registration for FC 2007 is available on-line at
<>. Rates are $40 for
the entire convention, and you may either register on-line, or print out a
registration form and mail it to us with payment. The web page also gives
details of some of the goodies you'll get if you register at the Sponsor
($100+) or Patron ($200+) level. Patrons and Sponsors may also claim back
part of their payment on their taxes as a charitable donation. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

4.  Hotel News

ON-LINE ROOM RESERVATIONS: You can make your reservations thru the link on
our website and the sooner you do so, the more likely you will be able to
get your specific request, whether it's a smoking room or two Double Beds.

SUITES ARE SOLD OUT!!  Yes, already! Of course we only have 8 suites
available but still we wanted to let folks know.

work with for the Fursuit Floors and one for the Party Room Floor, so if you
plan to make a fursuit room request or party floor request, make your
reservations now and get your request in to

1ST FLOOR ROOMS: Due to ADA requirements, we cannot take any more requests
for 1st floor rooms unless it's for medical reasons.

5.  Themed Website Launch

By the time you read this the themed website will be launched. Many
thanks to Foofers, Jonas, Frysco and the rest of the marketing team for
helping us get it up and rolling. We hope to add some link banners and
additional items in the near future.

6.  Furry Night Live

Get ready your spy gear, decoder rings and undercover disguises, Agents!
Furry Night Live is back again on Sunday night as the number one place to
see furry variety acts performed live. Break out the shoe phone and deploy
those dashing agents, femmes fatales, and thuggish hench-bears. Your
mission, should you choose to accept it: Assemble your secret forces to put
together an act or skit fitting the spy theme "Fur Your Eyes Only." Are you
a Rogue Agent with no act or skit?  Not an Impossible Mission! Our crack
team of operatives will have scripts, acts, and skits for you to participate
in. For more information contact Furry Night Live Lead Yippee Coyote at To subscribe to the official Furry Night Live
discussion E-mail list go to

7.  Further Confusion Summer Picnic and Campout

Picnic: Saturday, August 12, 2006, 11 am 'til 5 pm
Camping: Friday, August 11th & Saturday, August 12th

It's time again for the annual Further Confusion summer picnic!

We're back at Lake Chabot (at the nearby Anthony Chabot campsites) for
camping and picnicking. We will be holding the picnic on Saturday, August
12th from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. There will also be camping available on
Friday and Saturday nights.

For those who wish to attend the campout, we are asking $5 per person to
offset the costs of the campsites, and you must RSVP for the camping part of
the trip (send email to

The picnic is free and open to all - no RSVP Required!

As usual, we'll provide the food and drinks. More food is always welcome,
though, as are folks to help out in setting up, cleaning, and otherwise
making the picnic happen. Our next staff meeting is at noon on July 15th. If you are
interested in the planning for the picnic, just show up to the Doubletree
Hotel at noon, and we will find some way to put you to work!

This year, we will be at the Turtle picnic site at Lake Chabot, and will
meet there at 11 a.m. There will be a tent there for people to change into
costumes. There will also be some items from past Further Confusions on sale
(T-shirts, DVDs, etc) and we're also aiming to have the FC2006 DVD available
for sale there, so stay tuned. This will be your last chance to get the $35
(camp)fire-sale price for a Further Confusion 2007 membership.

For directions to the picnic and campground, check out the page on our
website: <>.

8.  FCTV Seeking Material

Its that time of year again. Have some nifty furry video or show you'd like
to see on FCTV? Well now's the time to start the submittal process! Right
now anything with a PG or lower rating is on the table, so submit away! Any
length, any format. To submit, just send an e-mail to with information on your submission and we'll take
it from there! Also feel free to e-mail if there's something you yourself
didn't make, but would like to see on FCTV! We'll reach out to content
creators ourselves if we have to! Deadlines for major content submission is
November 31st (I need time to prepare it all), so if you've got that great
video idea, get filming!

9.  Events Staff Needed

We still have many staff positions available in our Events section. If
you've had prior experience organizing and running conventions, or even if
you just want to lend a friendly paw, WE NEED YOU!

For details, e-mail, or come to one of our
staff meetings.

Still-open positions include track leads for: Business & Marketing,
Fursuiting, Puppetry, Science, Species, Spirituality, and Writing.

10. Next Staff Meeting

In July, there'll be two Further Confusion public staff meetings - one on
July 15th, and another on July 29th. Both will be at noon at
the San Jose Doubletree.

Parking is free - just tell the parking attendant that you're with Further
when you arrive, and then get a sticker for your parking slip in
the meeting.

For any and all other questions, remember is the
place to go, along with our website at

Open Channel D!

Further Confusion


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